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Crime Report: Bathroom Peeping Tom

Police are looking for a man who allegedly used his iPhone to photograph a woman using the bathroom.

The incident happened Tuesday night on the 4200 block of Columbia Pike. Police say the woman looked out the window, saw a hand holding an iPhone and screamed, scaring off the suspect.

From this week’s Arlington County crime report:

PEEPING TOM, 140610056, 4200 block of S. Columbia Pike. At 10:18 pm on June 10, an unknown male subject was seen taking a photo of a female as she used the restroom. The victim stated that she glanced out the bathroom window and viewed a hand holding an iphone taking a picture or video of her. The suspect then fled after the victim screamed. There is no suspect(s) description.

The rest of this week’s crime report, after the jump. All named suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

ROBBERY, 140608008, 2000 block of S. Jefferson Davis Highway. At 11:30 pm on June 7, a 22 year-old female victim was robbed of her purse by three male subjects. As the subjects were fleeing, one dropped his wallet and cellphone which were recovered by security. Police arrived on scene and took two of the subjects into custody and one remains at large. Muqtadir Mustafa, 19, of Arlington VA and Andre Costa, 19 of Arlington VA were arrested and charged with robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. They were held without bond.

ROBBERY BY FORCE, 140608051, 1800 block of N. Edison Street. At 1:35 pm on June 8, a 53 year- old male cab driver was assaulted and robbed of his cellphone after the subject refused to pay cab fare. The suspect fled and is described as a black male in his twenties, approximately 6’0″ tall and 110 lbs. He was wearing a green t-shirt, blue pants, and had tattoos on both arms.

BURGLARY, 140610012, 900 block of S. Columbus Street. Between 9am and 9pm on June 9, an unknown suspect(s) is thought to have entered a residence and stole a Rolex wristwatch and coins. There is no suspect(s) description.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY, 140611004, 1100 block of S. Edgewood Street. At 12:30 am on June 11, a male subject was seen entering a construction site and attempt to gain access to the onsite trailer, eventually fleeing the scene. The suspect is described as a black male in his 20’s, approximately 5’8″ tall and 140 lbs. He was wearing a long white t-shirt and black pants and doesn’t’t appear to have stolen anything from the property.


06/05/14, VA YDA6407, 2000 Honda Civic, green
2900 block of S. Woodley Street


GRAFFITI, 140603042, 200 block of N. Glebe Road

FALSE IDENTITY TO POLICE OFFICER, 140604006, 4200 block of S. Four Mile Run Drive

PETIT LARCENY, 140604010, 3100 block of N. Lee Highway

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140604013, 4100 block of S. Four Mile Run Drive

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140604015, 1400 block of Long Fellow Street

FORGERY, 140604022, 1300 block of S. Joyce Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140604024, 2600 block of N. Stuart Street

GRAND LARCENY, 140604025, 1800 block of N. Fort Myer Drive

ASSAULT, 140604046, 5700 block of N. 11th Road

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140604056, 3400 block of N. 13th Street

GRAND LARCENY, 140604059, 1400 block of S. Hayes Street

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140604062, 4000 block of N. 5th Street

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140604064, 4000 block of N. 21st Road

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140604065, 4000 block of N. 5th Road

GRAND LARCENY, 140604067, 1100 block of S. Hayes Street

TRESPASSING, 140605006, 800 block of N. Randolph Street


DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140605019, 500 block of N. Piedmont Street

GRAND LARCENY, 140605020, 2000 block of N. 14th Street

ATTEMPTED ASSAULT, 140605024, 400 block of S. 23rd Street

FORGERY, 140605027, 1300 block of S. Joyce Street

GRAND LARCENY, 140605036, 2700 block of N. Clarendon Boulevard

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140605038, 4200 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

GRAND LARCENY, 140605043, 200 block of N. Chain Bridge Road

FRAUD, 140605049, 1700 block of S. Taylor Street

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140605058, 2100 block of S. Pollard Street

FAILURE TO ID, 140606006, 1900 block of S. Eads Street

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140606010, 1500 block of N. Patrick Henry Drive

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140606021, 4400 block of N. Pershing Drive

GRAND LARCENY, 140606024, 3200 block of S. Columbia Pike

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, 140606029, 1300 block of N. Stafford Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140606042, 3400 block of S. Stafford Street

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140606045, 1800 block of S. Bell Street

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140606046, 1800 block of S. Bell Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140606047, 1900 block of S. Jefferson Davis Highway

THREATS, 140606048, 3400 block of N. Washington Boulevard

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140606049, 1900 block of S. Jefferson Davis Highway

THREATS, 140606051, 2600 block of S. Columbia Pike

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140606056, 900 block of N. Stafford Street

THEFT OF ID, 140606058, 2200 block of S. Crystal Drive

GRAND LARCENY, 140606059, 1000 block of S. Hayes Street

VANDALISM TO AUTO, 140606061, 3800 block of N. 6th Street

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140606069, 900 block of N. Stafford Street

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140606070, 800 block of S. Dickerson Street

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140607001, 3100 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

ASSAULT ON POLICE, 140607013, 4900 block of S. 7th Road

ASSAULT BY MOB, 140607015, 2000 block of S. Jefferson Davis Highway

GRAFFITI, 140607025, 6000 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140607032, 3900 block of N. 6th Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140607044, 900 block of N. Jacksonville Street

LARCENY, 140607045, 4000 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140607046, 3100 block of N. Abingdon Street

FRAUD, 140607048, 1500 block of S. George Mason Drive

HARASSMENT, 140607050, 5400 block of S. 4th Street

ABDUCTION, 140607060, 2300 block of N. 11th Street

PETIT LARCENY, 140607061, 1100 block of S. Hayes Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140607063, 3100 block of N. 10th Street

TRESPASSING, 140607065, 4800 block of S. 10th Street

GRAND LARCENY, 140607072, 1000 block of S. Hayes Street

PETIT LARCENY, 140608002, 3600 block of S. Columbia Pike

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140608006, 3100 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

LARCENY FROM A PERSON, 140608010, 3100 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

STRANGULATION, 140608040, 400 block of N. George Mason Drive

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140608042, 1800 block of S. Columbia Pike

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, 140608063, 5000 block of S. Columbia Pike

STOLEN LICENSE PLATES, 140608072, 600 block of S. Harrison Street

LARCENY, 140608073, 3200 block of S. 13th Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140608079, 4800 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

IDENTITY THEFT, 140609002, 4300 block of S. King Street


FAILURE TO ID, 140606007, 1900 block of S. Eads Street

PETIT LARCENY, 140609005, 1900 block of S. Langley Street

BREAKING & ENTERING, 140609006, 1100 block of S. Wakefield Street

ATTEMPT LARCENY, 140609016, 1800 block of S. Fillmore Street

GRAND LARCENY, 140609022, 1400 block of S. Hayes Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140609024, 2200 block of S. Kenmore Street

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140609026, 4300 block of N. Lee Highway

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140609031, 4300 block of N. Old Dominion Drive

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140609035, 2700 block of S. Jefferson Davis Highway

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140609036, 4300 block of N. Old Dominion Drive

LARCENY OF CHECKS, 140609037, 2200 block of N. 2nd Street

GRAND LARCENY, 140609043, 4200 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140609046, 800 block of S. Arlington Mill Drive

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140609048, 400 block of N. Manchester Street

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, 140610003, 2100 block of N. Clarendon Boulevard

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