Arlington Pet of the Week: Azalia, Pluto and Finn

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This week’s Arlington Pet(s) of the Week are a trifecta of rescue cats in Azalia, Pluto and Finn, all with different personalities.

Here’s what owner Amy had to say about her team of felines:

These kitties are Azalia (dilute tortie), Pluto (dark gray and white), and Finn (orange tabby). They come from Alabama and North Carolina but have been living in Arlington for between four and six years. They are all rescue kitties with different stories.

Azalia is 7 years old and was her mom’s first kitty. They did everything together, but when they moved to Arlington, this boy starting horning in on their time together. After giving him the stink eye for a few months, Azalia decided he was OK and he’s now her human dad. She likes to play with crinkle balls, lay in the sun in her tower, chatter at birds, and be brushed.

Pluto is 5 years old and was raised in a dorm room in North Carolina until she came to live with her mom and Azalia. She took to her (future) human dad right away, and was so fond of her people that she insisted on waking everyone up at 4 a.m. all summer while dad studied for the bar. She is a sassy lady and wears her girth well. She loves to be petted, to help mom work on the computer, to go nuts for catnip, and to take naps with Azalia on the dining room table.

Finn was also raised in North Carolina until he came to live in Arlington. His mom had always wanted an orange tabby, and she got a handful in Finn. He revels in being a little devil with a huge personality. When he’s not wrestling Pluto or climbing everything in sight, he loves to snuggle and spends his nights in bed between mom and dad. He loves his dad and they do all sorts of acrobatics together like cat-fro, cattering ram, cattling gun, and cat bicep curls.

Want your pet to be considered for the Arlington Pet of the Week? Email [email protected] with a 2-3 paragraph bio and at least 3-4 horizontally-oriented photos of your pet.

Each week’s winner receives a sample of dog or cat treats from our sponsor, Becky’s Pet Care, along with $100 in Becky’s Bucks. Becky’s Pet Care, the winner of three Angie’s List Super Service Awards and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters’ 2013 Business of the Year, provides professional dog walking and pet sitting services in Arlington and Northern Virginia.

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