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New Rosslyn Condo Project Approved

An aging low-rise apartment complex in Rosslyn will be replaced with a new condominium development.

The Arlington County Board on Thursday approved the condo project from Reston-based developer NVR, Inc., the parent company of homebuilder Ryan Homes. The Board approved NVR’s plan for a six-story building with a total of 63 units, which will replace a four-story, 33-unit apartment complex built in 1955, along with a two story house.

The new building, at the corner of Key Blvd and N. Nash Street, is across from a planned — but stalled — redevelopment that was to include a 28-story residential building and ground floor grocery store.

“Washington Vista,” as the condo development is referred to in public documents, will include four affordable two-bedroom units that will be offered to qualified moderate-income buyers. Other community benefits include a contribution of more than $100,000 to Arlington’s Affordable Housing Investment Fund and $75,000 worth of public art.

Residents of the Metro Rosslyn apartment building, which is being torn down to make way for the condos, initially complained that the developer had not offered relocation assistance after notices to vacate were posted on the property. A relocation plan was subsequently approved by Arlington’s Tenant-Landlord Commission on Dec. 16.

After the jump: the county press release about the development’s approval.

The Arlington County Board today approved a redevelopment plan to build a new six-story, 63-unit multifamily building at the northwest corner of Key Boulevard and North Nash Street in Rosslyn. Six of the units will be townhomes in a traditional row house style.

“This development will add housing in Rosslyn, including four affordable units, all within walking distance of Metro,” said Arlington County Board Chair Libby Garvey. “It’s great to see Rosslyn transforming into a more vibrant and diverse urban neighborhood and destination, with projects ranging from small residential redevelopments to large-scale commercial redevelopment.”
The County Board voted 5 to 0 to adopt the amendment to the General Land Use Plan (GLUP) from “Low-Medium” to “Medium” Residential. The Board also voted 5 to 0 approve the site plan for 1411 Key Blvd. to read the Staff Report, visit the County website. Scroll down to Item #27 on the Agenda for the Thursday, Jan. 28 Carryover County Board Meeting.

The new building, on a 38,020-square-foot site, consists of condominium units and six three-story townhomes, 64 underground parking spaces and bicycle parking spaces that will replace an outdated apartment building. Four two-bedroom units will be committed affordable – contractually obligated to remain affordable in perpetuity.

These units will be sold to qualified moderate-income buyers at or below 80 percent of Area Median Income (AMI), or $87,360 for a family of four. The redevelopment is consistent with the County’s guidelines and policy to encourage sustainable design and inclusion of affordable housing in the Metro corridors. The County’s Affordable Housing Master Plan, adopted by the County Board in September, 2015, identifies homeownership goals for low-and moderate-income families

Located in the Colonial Terrace neighborhood at 1411-1417 Key Boulevard and 1541 N. Colonial Terrace, the current site has a four-story 33-unit garden apartment complex that was built in 1955, a two-story house, and surface parking. The proposed plan includes demolishing these structures to make way for the new building.
The proposed redevelopment is located across from Monday Properties’ transformative redevelopment project that was approved by the County Board in 2014. The redevelopment follows the recommendations of the General Land Use Plan (GLUP), Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor Streetscape Standards, Rosslyn Transit Station Area Study, Rosslyn Station Area Plan Addendum, and the recently adopted Rosslyn Sector Plan (2015).

The GLUP identifies the neighborhood as the “Colonial Terrace Conservation Area,” and recommends preserving its single-family and garden apartment character.

Community benefits

  • Four two-bedroom on-site affordable dwelling units, available for purchase by qualified moderate-income buyers at or below 80 percent of Area Median Income (AMI) and the units will remain affordable in perpetuity;
  • Approximately $103,067 to the Affordable Housing Investment Fund (AHIF) per Zoning Ordinance requirements;
  • $75,000 of on-site public art or cash contribution;
  • Underground Utility Fund contribution;
  • LEED Silver and EBOM certification–applicant is requesting bonus density of .35 FAR per the County’s Green Building Incentive Policy for Site Plans.

Community process

The Planning Commission voted unanimously at its meeting on January 13, 2016 to recommend approval of the GLUP change and site plan. The Planning Commission’s Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) reviewed the proposal at three (3) meetings between September and November 2015. The Citizen Advisory Commission on Housing voted unanimously at its meeting on January 14, 2016 in support of the proposed affordable housing program for the site. The Transportation Commission recommended approval of the site plan at its meeting on January 7, 2016.

Read the staff report on the County website. Scroll down to Item #27 on the Agenda for the January 23 County Board Meeting.

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