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Each week, “Just Reduced” spotlights properties in Arlington County whose price have been cut over the previous week. The market summary is crafted by licensed broker Aaron Seekford of Arlington Realty, Inc. GET MORE out of your real estate investment with Aaron and his team by visiting or calling 703-836-6116 today! 

Please note: While Aaron Seekford provides this information for the community, he is not the listing agent of these homes.

Here we are in the heart of the Olympics. Team USA is rolling and giving us plenty to cheer for.

In the realm of real estate, buying a home can feel a bit like an Olympics competition as well. You start with a pool of homes and, over time, the field dwindles down to a select few. The beauty of real estate is that the buyer ultimately gets to decide what’s number one.

And, a number of factors can go in to crowning a champion. Just remember that the price is only the starting point. Sure, these “Just Reduced” homes are going the extra mile to lure you in, but are they the best bang for your buck? How do they stack up against comps? What is its expected appreciation?

There are many questions and I have the answers to help you GET MORE out of your transaction and bring home the gold.

As of August 8, there are 221 detached homes, 62 townhouses and 316 apartments for sale throughout Arlington County. In total, 46 homes experienced a price reduction in the past week.

Here is this week’s selection of Just Reduced properties:

Please note that this is solely a selection of Just Reduced properties available in Arlington County. For a complete list of properties within your target budget and specifications, contact Aaron Seekford.


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