Arlington, VA

Clarendon Walgreens to Close

The Walgreens store in Clarendon will close on Feb. 21, according to signs in the window.

Located at 2825 Wilson Blvd, the store is located in a designated historic building, a former car dealership, that is protected from redevelopment. The building had its development rights transferred to another Clarendon project in 2012.

Those with prescriptions at the store’s pharmacy will have them transferred to a nearby Walgreens store at 3130 Lee Highway, according to the signs. There’s no word yet as to what will happen to the electric car charging station in the store’s parking lot.

So far, there’s no indication of what might replace the Walgreen’s, nor why exactly it is closing, although sources say high rent is a possible factor. Another possible factor: Walgreens’ plan to close hundreds of stores as part of its expected acquisition of Rite Aid.


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