Legal Review: Injuries Continue to Increase at Trampoline Parks

By divorce attorney Sean P. Barrett, who is barred and practices in the state of Connecticut, with Billings & Barrett.

Trampoline parks quickly became all the rage across the country. They are used by thousands of people on a weekly basis for corporate team building exercises, for after school fun, for birthday parties, and for get-togethers with family and friends.

These parks require that all guests who will be using the trampolines sign a waiver that removes the park from liability if a guest is to suffer an injury.

Even though these trampoline parks are fun for people of all ages, they can also be dangerous. When you mix experienced athletes with people who are simply out to have fun you are working with a bad combination.

Hundreds of people have suffered injuries and the numbers keep mounting at trampoline parks across New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters obtained dozens of 911 calls from the tri-state area that were placed from trampoline parks requesting medical assistance. They ranged from as minor as a sprained ankle to as severe as a jumper landing on her neck after attempting a flip.

One of the most popular trampoline parks, Sky Zone, has multiple locations across the Northeast including Maryland, Virginia, and all the way down to Florida. They released the following statement in an email to NBC Connecticut:

“At Sky Zone, the safety of our guests is our top priority. We are committed to on-going evaluations to promote guest safety. As with any physical activity or sport, there are inherent risks. We take several measures to reduce these risks and educate our guests about safety in our parks.”

In a joint investigation between NBC Connecticut and a sister station in New York City, it was discovered that some 1,000 people had suffered injuries at trampoline parks since 2013.

The Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, located in Hartford, conducted a study on trampoline park injuries in 2016. The study found that there were 581 visits to emergency rooms in 2010. That number jumped by more than 1,000 percent when there were 6,932 emergency room visits in 2014.

“Even though there are inherent risks when visiting a trampoline park there still needs to be better education for those taking part in the jumping,” Sean P. Barrett, of Billings & Barrett, said. “Parents and guardians need to know full well the risks that jumpers are taking when visiting a trampoline park.”

For the most part, participants are required to watch safety videos prior to jumping. There are also written safety policies posted throughout the parks. Staff members are also required to make any participant not following the rules leave the area.

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