Arlington, VA

This regularly-scheduled sponsored column is written by the Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy team (AIRE). This county program helps you make smart energy decisions that save you money and leaves a lighter footprint on the environment.

When we spot a great opportunity for Arlingtonians to save energy, we share it.

Washington Gas has an Online Home Energy Profile tool. The tool will give you an energy ranking, savings estimate and upgrade recommendations that make the most sense for your home. It takes less than five minutes.

Above all, if you are a Washington Gas customer, you can submit your address and have a FREE energy conservation kit sent to your home.

Free Energy Kits Include:

  • A high-efficiency showerhead
  • A bathroom faucet aerator
  • Door sweep weather stripping
  • Roll closed cell foam weather strip

Sealing air leaks, lowering water and sewer bills and reducing the amount of hot water used at home for free is a no brainer. Don’t delay, get yours before they run out!

Washington Gas Online Home Energy Profile Tool

FREE Energy Conservation Kit


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