Arlington, VA

It’s early on a Monday morning, but soon an office in Ballston will begin buzzing with the sound of police scanners, Twitter alerts, ringing phones and journalists discussing the day’s news coverage.

This happens on a daily basis, thanks to the local businesses and organizations that grow their business, achieve their marketing goals and support independent local journalism by advertising on ARLnow.

This site is 100% free to you, and will remain so, thanks to those that pay for the privilege of reaching you and about a quarter million other readers via Arlington’s No. 1 source of local information. Here are the top five *other* reasons to go out of your way to support our advertisers.

  1. Companies that invest in their local community help make it a better place.
  2. Check the reviews, many of our advertisers are among the best in their category. (Which is another reason our staff personally supports many of them, including Allied Title, Arrowine, Dominion Floors, Oz Restaurant, Techspace, Dominion Wine and Beer, Elite Dental, Clarendon Animal Care, etc.)
  3. Our advertisers are mostly locally owned and operated. Chains like McDonald’s mostly advertise on a national scale and don’t place individual ad buys like local publishers like us.
  4. They’re tech-savvy enough to advertise online. That says something about about how they run their business; even in 2019 some businesses still primarily advertise via traditional media and direct mail.
  5. None of them wasted their money on lame local Super Bowl commercials.

Want to learn more about our advertising options? See our 2019 media kit.


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