Neighborhood Spotlight: Throw Punches, Torch Calories and Build Strength at BASH Boxing in Rosslyn

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In this week’s Neighborhood Spotlight, Giovanni Gatto of The Keri Shull Team takes us inside Bash Boxing in Rosslyn to meet Co-Founder Alex, Founding Coach Jonathan and Founding Coach Brandi.

Let’s be clear: Bash Boxing offers boxing conditioning workouts. You will NOT be boxing an opponent in a ring or trying to knock anybody out at Bash Boxing. Instead, you’ll be knocking out your own fitness goals. Bash offers cooperative-mode boxing for all fitness levels.

The goals at Bash are to improve overall cardiovascular health, build lean muscle mass, build self-confidence and blow off steam.

What You Need To Bash

Bash is located just minutes from the Rosslyn Metro station by foot.

You will need to buy or rent gloves and wraps — or bring your own. Once your hands are protected, you only need your normal workout attire and athletic shoes.

During a fast-paced, 45-minute class, your instructor will go over the motions of the 6 core punches. They’ll demonstrate every combo. Then the coach will be available throughout the class for one-on-one attention, pumping you up and investing in your workout.

You’ll use free weights, med balls and resistance bands. And because this is boxing conditioning, of course you’ll throw punches at Bash’s joint-safe Aqua Bag.

Bash’s classes are available morning, afternoon and evening, including weekends. All classes have options and modifications that best suit the workout and the challenge levels you need.

Bash also has bulk rates for sessions and accepts private one-on-one or group classes. Street parking is available. Bash provides showers, towel service, soap and hair dryers so you walk out the door feeling fresh and looking sharp. You will NOT need to bring a padlock; Bash has daily use lockers.

Bash Boxing also has a second location opening in Ballston Quarter in 2019!

Have you taken one of Bash’s free trial classes? Who was your coach?

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