Arlington, VA

The Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University is building on the school’s existing expertise in security studies (the Schar School is ranked No. 2 by U.S. News & World Report in this category) with a new Graduate Certificate in Strategic Trade.

Strategic trade policy implies a strategic relationship between firms, countries, and export control regimes. It includes arms control, nuclear nonproliferation, and a variety of national security issues plaguing all nation states.

“This program will help students pursue jobs in trade compliance, export controls, and dual-use trade controls in both the public and private realms,” said program director Kenneth Reinert, who also oversees the Schar School’s Master’s in International Commerce and Policy program.

“We designed the Graduate Certificate in Strategic Trade […] to position students for career success in a rapidly evolving global economy.”

Reinert founded the program along with professor Andrea Viski, founder and editor-in-chief of the Strategic Trade Review and founder and director of the Strategic Trade Research Institute.

The Graduate Certificate in Strategic Trade program is the ninth graduate certificate in the Schar School’s growing portfolio of top-ranked programs. Completion of the certificate requires five courses (15 credits), including one core course in Strategic Trade Controls, and the choice of four electives in a range of topics including nuclear nonproliferation, national security technology, illicit trade, arms control, and global trade relations.

Certificate programs are an increasingly popular credential to bolster a resume and navigate career changes and advancement. The Schar School’s certificate programs are designed to feed into the master’s degrees — certificate earners can count their five completed certificate courses towards their master’s degrees, saving time and tuition expenses.

To learn more about the Schar School’s graduate programs and how to apply, request information here, or browse campus visit options here.


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