Arlington Pet of the Week: Bea

Meet Bea, a 1 year old cat who’s favorite activities include birding and stealing hair ties.

Here is what Bea’s owner had to say about her life here in Arlington:

Christened after animal loving Golden Girl Bea Arthur, Bea is a 1 1/2 year old tortie, with all the spunk, smarts, and sweetness of her namesake. When her human roommates first met her at a local shelter, she immediately settled down on one of their laps and went right to sleep – and 30 minutes later, the paperwork was completed for her to come home with them! Bea’s love languages are physical touch and quality time. She loves helping her roommates get ready in the morning, following them around the kitchen (requesting snacks), greeting them at the door with tales of the day’s adventures, and generally being in the same room as one of them at all times. So, as you can imagine, she has absolutely loved her roommates working from home now and is happy to have them close by all day, every day!

Some of Bea’s favorite things are: birding, and racing to the windows to chirp at the crows that are bigger than her; jigsaw puzzles (she nests on the puzzle and guards the pieces when no one’s around); stealing hair ties from unsuspecting bathroom counters; morning sprint drills; and chasing after her favorite foam bouncy ball all over her apartment. And when tennis is on tv, she’ll happily chase after that ball, too, poking behind the tv to look for it when it bounces off the court.

Bea is a favorite among her human friends – so many people who claim to be “not a cat person” have gushed over Bea’s sweet nature and friendly personality, quickly becoming one of her fans and asking about her. Her roommates absolutely love her, and make sure she knows it at every opportunity. With her 1-year adoptiversary falling during this quarantine period, she’s getting the best gift she could dream of: all the love and cheek scratches, all the time – and lots of treats, just for being so darn cute.

Want your pet to be considered for the Arlington Pet of the Week? Email [email protected] with a 2-3 paragraph bio and at least 3-4 horizontally-oriented photos of your pet. Please don’t send vertical photos, they don’t fit in our photo galleries!

Each week’s winner receives a sample of dog or cat treats from our sponsor, Becky’s Pet Care, along with $100 in Becky’s Bucks. Becky’s Pet Care is the winner of eight consecutive Angie’s List Super Service Awards, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters’ 2013 Business of the Year and a proud supporter of the Arlington County Pawsitively Prepared Campaign.

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