Arlington, VA

As of midday Tuesday, Arlington County had 36 known cases of COVID-19. There are likely many more that have gone unreported.

While totally unscientific, we wanted to get some perspective on the case count from the personal experience of our readers. Are there substantially more people out there experiencing symptoms, for instance, but who haven’t tested positive yet?

Please answer honestly and select the options that apply to you. Note that the typical symptoms of COVID-19 are cough, fever, tiredness and — in more serious cases — difficulty breathing.

Please do not use this poll response data for policy decision-making — but do use it as a reminder of the importance of social distancing, practicing good hygiene, and flattening the curve.

If you have any personal stories to tell about people you know personally who have been infected, please do so in the comments, but in the interest of privacy avoid using names and other identifiable information.

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash


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