Meet Louie who was brought to Arlington from Maryland 4.5 years ago and now enjoys his life of retirement.

Here is what Louie’s owner had to say on his behalf:

Hello, my name is Louie.

I was born in Maryland but was scooped up by my parents about 4.5 years ago and haven’t looked back. After my parents brought me home to Washington, DC, I spent most of my young years roaming the hallways of the Opower office in Arlington. It was a very special place and I was lucky to receive many walks, pets and treats daily. I even met the Governor of Virginia at the time, Governor McAuliffe.

I’ve now been retired for about 3 years and while I miss Opower a lot, I enjoy sleeping on the couch, looking at the birds from the window and sailing with my pack. Follow me on instagram – hi_im_louie!


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