Arlington, VA

Meet Arlington’s newest Pet of the Week, Bella, an 11 year old German Shepherd who loves to play fetch.

Here is what Bella’s owner had to say about her life here in Arlington:

Bella is an eleven year old GSD who loves to play fetch with any human she encounters! She’ll run after a ball for a very long time and she has delighted our neighbors’ kids that way for years. She’ll happily trot back with the ball in her mouth while her tail makes wide clockwise circles like a propeller – it’s comical to see!

Weighing in at a bit over 80 lbs she is nevertheless very gentle with both children and adults. For example, Bella demonstrates great care and sensitivity when reaching for a treat from the palm of someone’s hand.

And, of course, she’s an excellent watch dog – but I wish she’d stop barking at every squirrel that runs along the fence line!

Weighing everything out, there’s no question that our lives has been enhanced by having Bella in our family!


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