Meet Arlington’s newest Pet of the Week Pekoe, a newly adopted cat who loves to watch squirrels and cuddle.

Here is what Pekoe’s owner had to say about his new life here in Arlington:

After being surrendered by his owner, adopted, then returned to the shelter when he was diagnosed FIV+, Pekoe finally found his forever home just a few weeks ago! Why anyone would give up this loving kitty is a mystery! Pekoe’s favorite activities include cuddling, making biscuits on his new mommy, playing with feather toys, and watching neighborhood drama out the kitchen window. Those darn squirrels are at it again!

Pekoe loves getting around the apartment in unconventional ways and never takes the easy route. His human calls this Pekour (Pekoe Parkour)! Nothing will stop Pekoe from cuddling; not a book or work laptop. He’ll even get into weird positions to make a cuddle session happen!

Pekoe is so happy about his basket full of new toys and has even ripped holes in a few of them already! He recently discovered how fun blankets can be and loves wrestling with them. Pekoe gets tired easily when playing and has to take breaks but he’s proud of how quickly his stamina is improving. He’s also quickly sharing his mom’s interests such as her love of sushi (even though he’s never had any) and narwhals (even though he’s never seen one).


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