Arlington, VA

Meet Kimber, a 6 year old Husky who loves long hikes.

Here is what Kimber’s owner had to say on her behalf:

Kimber – who also goes by Kimmy, Kim, and Kimbo – is a 6 year old husky who currently lives with her adopted sister (8 year old husky, Nikita) in Arlington. True to her breed, Kimber is rambunctious, energetic, wily, and a total sweetheart. Kimber used to be an escape artist – dashing out the front door any chance she got. However, with some serious training she has curbed that impulse and now gets her exercise walking around Arlington, hiking on the weekends, and getting chased by other dogs.

Kimber’s ideal day involves waking up at 6am, chasing squirrels, eating a large bowl of kibbles, going on an 8 mile hike, sleeping in the human bed, eating another bowl of kibbles, and chasing more squirrels. Kimber’s endless energy level keeps her parents active and constantly exploring new hiking/walking spots around northern Virginia. Lucky for them, Kimber also enjoys hitting up a local brewery after a long hike and chilling out with a well deserved bowl of ice water.


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