Arlington, VA

Arlington’s Pet of the Week is Dinah, a 5-year-old orange tabby who, when not napping, is busy ruling her roost.

Here’s what Dinah’s pawrents had to say about her life here in Arlington:

Dinah is a 5-year-old orange tabby who rules the roost when not taking frequent naps. She was found as a stray kitten by a friend and was named ‘Rebah’ for her bright orange fur. After being lovingly taken in by her future cat-mom, Alicia, she was renamed Dinah after the cat from Alice in Wonderland. She grew up in a high-rise in Courthouse, watching the birds from afar, and now resides in leafy Fairlington, enjoying her newfound interest in squirrels from a ground-level perch.
Dinah has a strong, independent spirit but will certainly be accommodating when some treats are involved. During the pandemic, she supervises her pet parents’ Zoom meetings by making cameo appearances and also takes regular breaks to show how she can nap at ease during the work day next to a laptop. Dinah’s found her way to being a truly loved and cared for member of our family.

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