Meet the latest Pet of the Week, Leo and Lenny, energetic kitten brothers who are total goofballs.

Here’s what their human had to say about about their lives in Ballston…

Meet Leo and Lenny, or “The Leonards” as I sometimes call them. These are my rambunctious kitten brothers who were born from the same litter. They are full of energy and curiosity and make working from home more fun — and sometimes more distracting. I adopted them from To The Rescue animal shelter in Springfield and brought them back to the city life of Ballston!

They are obsessed with peering out windows, wrestling, letting themselves into the kitchen cabinets and… water. Yes! Water. Anytime they hear the shower or sink, they run in excitement to observe or play in it. The boys love chasing each other around the apartment, then taking naps together. They are also the most food-motivated kittens I’ve ever met. They will come running anytime I open a pantry in the kitchen or am cooking.

They are as much rowdy as they are cuddly and make for the ‘purrfect’ company while being cooped up at home.

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