Arlington Pet of the Week: Westley

Meet Arlington’s latest Pet of the Week, Westley, a friendly 8-year-old mix who loves food and backyard zooms.

Here’s what Westley’s family had to say about his life in Arlington:

Westley is an 8-year-old mix who loves life as long as food is involved. He has never met a human he does not want to say hi to and feels equally about dogs. If someone came to his parents’ house to rob the place, he would greet them rather than be a guard dog. He really wants to catch a squirrel or bunny one of these days, but despite his large nose, he is not a hunting dog.

Westley was rescued in 2017 at the age of 5, but according to his parents, to this day he still acts like a puppy, so they think he might be lying. After a few weeks of concern by his parents, Westley did learn his new name and how to sit followed by a few other tricks. He loves to perform his tricks (sit, down, stay, roll-over and twirl) every evening if he’s not able to do his backyard zooms. Last year, a fox and some kits moved underneath the shed, which curtailed his backyard zooms for a few months. He still has dreams that they will return to play one day.

Westley has been a great foster brother to over 30 rescues pups. He has shown them the ropes and helped more than few come out their shells. Recently, he has become a big brother, which has made him request more cuddles from his parents. He does allow his 6-month-old human brother to grab his fur by the handful in return for wet kisses all over. He is looking forward to the near future when he will be chased around the house by a drooling furless brother. Until then he will sleep on as many pillows at once as possible.

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