Arlington Pet of the Week: Harry and Ron

Meet Harry and Ron, 4-year-old brothers who use their ~magic~ to open doors and photo-bomb remote school, becoming celebs amongst one fifth-grade class.

Here’s what Harry and Ron’s family had to say about these two

The good people at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington may remember them as Tom and Jerry, but those shelter names did not fit with the Harry Potter phase of our household at the time. Alas, meet Harry and Ron, 4-year-old brothers who arrived over Labor Day weekend in 2017 and have entertained humans, playfully pummeled each other, and “hunted” birds and squirrels from the safety of the family room window ever since.

The brothers are as chatty and rambunctious as their kitten days. A cardboard box of any size, a feather on a string or just a plain old pipe cleaner are their favorite tools of the trade. At nap time, Harry, the black-and-white sibling, prefers the perch atop the cat tree where he can keep one eye on the wildlife outside and one eye on the humans inside. Ron, gray and white, is particularly fond of the youngest human of the house, following him from room to room and sleeping in his bed every single night.

And during the pandemic, their ability to push open doors has helped Harry and Ron gain celebrity status in a certain Arlington fifth-grade class by frequently photo bombing virtual school lessons.

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