County Board Approves Bonus for ACPD Officers

Arlington police officers are getting bonuses with the help of state money.

The County Board approved $229,961 for the one-time bonuses on Saturday from funding through the 2020 state budget bill signed into law in November. It’s part of approximately $7.5 million distributed to police departments across Virginia.

“The purpose of this bonus is to focus on the retention of qualified employees along with acknowledging the outstanding work these sworn personnel perform for the residents of Arlington County,” a county staff report said, echoing comments from the state Department of Criminal Justice Services director.

The money, which will help fund a previously-approved $900 bonus for each officer, is to be paid out by June 30 to all sworn employees of the Arlington County Police Department. As of May 5, the department had 336 employees eligible for the bonus, according to the staff report.

Sheriff’s Office personnel received a similar bonus in December.

In proposing the bonus funding, state lawmakers said it would show support to officers amid police reforms and the pandemic.