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Arlington Pet of the Week: Kaia

Introducing our latest Pet of the Week… Kaia! Find this 5-month-old mini Siberian husky exploring the streets of Rosslyn. If you see her, say hi — she loves attention.

Here’s what else you need to know about this blue-eyed beauty:

Meet Kaia, a 5-month-old mini Siberian husky who is growing up too quickly! She is currently 9 pounds and should grow to 22 pounds. She is beautiful and knows it! She has the sparkling husky-blue eyes and bats them at us as she chews on all of our furniture.

Kaia loves to explore her Rosslyn neighborhood in Arlington while on walks with her mom and dad. She also is very excited to meet any other dogs in the area that she encounters while outside. She is very friendly and demands belly rubs from anyone she comes across — both in the house and out on the street. She loves giving kisses and her favorite toy is ‘lamby.’

Feel free to say hello to Kaia and her paw-rents if you see them out and about on walks — she loves the attention!

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