Adoptable Pet of the Week: Bella

Meet the latest Adoptable Pet of the Week, Bella. Her friends at Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation compare her to the sleek, black Batmobile — and she has a “purr motor” to match.

Here’s what else Belly’s friends had to say about her:

Did you admire the sleek black Batmobile? We have our own feline version! Bella means beautiful in a whole lot of languages and it’s true. Bella the cat is a knockout with her glossy black coat and lustrous eyes.

She is a full-figured sedate gal who needs a bit of time to settle in, but once she does, she makes a great kitty companion, affectionate and social. Bella is very sweet and just LOVES chin scratches and pets of any kind. She is blessed with a big time purr generator: as soon as you start petting/scratching her, her purr motor starts up!

While comfortable being by herself, she thrives when given ample attention. A kitty who will play almost on demand, Bella’s favorite pastimes include chasing a feather around the living room and batting catnip toys of all shapes and sizes. While she does not like to be held, she will sit with you on the couch, follow you from room to room, roll on her back for tummy and chin rubs, and snuggle up on the bed each night.

We think she would do best in a quieter home — but that way you can hear her better when she squeaks for you to pay her attention! If you are looking for true companion, Bella is a really good kitty for you.

Learn more about Bella — and watch her chase a laser pointer — over at Lost Dogs & Cat Rescue Foundation.

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