What should ARLnow cover this summer?

Summer is here and the local news cycle is slowing down.

After a blistering pace of coverage for most of the year, we’ve reached a point where we need to dig a bit deeper to find worthwhile stories. And while next week’s County Board meeting will help to fill our story planning rundowns, beyond that things may get even slower.

So this is the perfect time to ask our readers: what should we consider covering?

This could be anything from…

  • A Press Club feature story like this one that just published today
  • Something utilitarian, like a list of potential summer activities in a given category
  • Or a news story or scoop that we have not yet reported

Post ideas as individual comments in the comment section below, and upvote the ideas you think have particular merit. We’ll consider those that seem to have traction in terms of upvotes and which are feasible in terms of what would be required to report on it.

Note that there are, naturally, some thus-far unreported stories that we are aware of and planning to cover in the coming days. If you want to know what we’re planning to cover ahead of time, consider joining the ARLnow Press Club for the Early Morning Notes newsletter.