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Arlington is getting reimbursed for ACPD assistance at Capitol

Arlington police officers defend the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 (photo via Tyler Merbler/Flickr)

Arlington is getting reimbursed by the federal government for lending officers to security details around the U.S. Capitol.

The Arlington County Police Department provided about 50 tactical officers to U.S. Capitol Police during the recent State of the Union address on March 1. Under a Memorandum of Understanding with USCP, approved by the County Board in November after another mutual aid deployment, ACPD will provide officers to assist at the Capitol when necessary and the costs of the deployment will be reimbursed.

At its Saturday meeting, the Board approved the federal reimbursement for ACPD’s security assistance on March 1 and gave County Manager Mark Schwartz the authority to accept future reimbursements, up to $50,000 per day of aid.

More from a report to the County Board:

The Police Department is an active member, throughout the region, in providing mutual aid assistance. This effort allows for the appropriate utilization of resources both within and outside of the County. Our commitment to regional partnerships greatly enhances the safety and well-being of the citizenry.

The Police Department was requested to provide mutual aid resources to the United States Capitol Police to assist with the security of the Capitol building and grounds for the State of the Union address on March 1, 2022. The Tactical Operations Section provided approximately 50 members of the Police Department as tactical resources. The Police Department is utilizing the above referenced MOU to obtain reimbursement for related costs incurred for the deployment.

Delegation of the County Board’s authority to accept reimbursement of funds from the United States Capitol Police to the County Manager up to and including $50,000 per day of mutual aid rendered for future deployments would improve the efficiency in receiving reimbursement of funds.

Previously, Arlington officers in riot gear helped to defend the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Last month an Arlington man was arrested for his alleged role in the pro-Trump riots and violence at the Capitol.

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