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Before checking out for the holidays this month, check out the winners of the Winter 2022 Arlies!

You voted, we counted and the results are in. Below are the listed winners in each of the 17 categories, which included favorite coffee shop, title company, brunch spot, spa, ARLnow commenter and more.

Congrats to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who voted!

Favorite electrician/electrical contractor
1. Michael & Son

Favorite bakery
1. Bakeshop
2. Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe
3. Best Buns Bread Company

Favorite spa
1. Origins Thai Spa
2. Massage Envy
3. Azure Dream Spa

Favorite family dinner spot
1. Silver Diner
2. Ruthie’s All-Day
3. Pupatella

Favorite orthodontist
1. Hani Thariani Orthodontics
2. Iverson Orthodontics
3. VCO Orthodontics

Favorite pet boarding
1. Fur-Get-Me Not

Favorite chiropractor
1. Capitol Rehab of Arlington

Favorite ARLnow commenter
1. Flood Czar Mayor of Arlington
2. Dave Schutz
3. Metal Ox

Favorite personal trainer
1. Monica Amaya

Favorite coffee shop
1. Northside Social Coffee & Wine
2. Kino Coffee
3. Idido’s Coffee and Social House

Favorite mental health professional
1. Michelle M. May LPC, LLC

Favorite hill to go sledding
1. Bluemont Park

Favorite private elementary school
1. Saint Agnes Catholic School, Our Savior Lutheran School (tie)

Favorite brunch spot
1. Ted’s Bulletin
2. Ambar
3. Ruthie’s All-Day

Favorite beer/wine shop
1. Arrowine & Cheese
2. The Brew Shop
3. Total Wine & More

Favorite real estate agent for first-time buyers
1. Natalie Roy, Eli Tucker, Kristin Francis Team (tie)

Favorite title company
1. Universal Title, Allied Title & Escrow LLC, KVS Title LLC (tie)


Voting for the Winter 2022 Arlies is now live!

The Arlies are back this winter with a different look. We’re returning to voting just once per season, allowing you to pick your favorite local places, people and organizations in Arlington four times per year rather than weekly.

Voting for this winter’s awards will be open through Sunday, December 5.

To vote, write in your local favorites in each category in the ballot below. Readers will only be able to submit it once, and we’ll monitor submissions for attempts at repeated voting to ensure the integrity of the voting process.

You may select favorites that are very close to but not in Arlington, if you like. For the Pet of the Year, peruse our past pets of the week here.

The winners will be announced shortly after voting closes.

Having trouble with the embedded form? You can also take the survey here.


With cooler weather in the forecast, and Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, the scene is set for the start of the Winter 2022 Arlies.

Voting starts next week with a new look and a return to voting once per season, but before we reveal the winter categories here’s a roundup of the Fall 2021 Arlies winners:

Favorite sushi spot
1. Sushi-Zen
2. Sushi Rock
3. Endo Sushi, Yume Sushi (tie)

Favorite biking trail
1. W&OD Trail
2. Mt. Vernon Trail
3. Four Mile Run Trail

Favorite bicycle shop
1. Trek Store
2. Spokes Etc.
3. Bikenetic

Favorite condo building/complex
1. Arlington Village
2. Shirlington Village Condos
3. The Continental at Ballston

Favorite real estate agent for condo buyers
1. Shawn Battle, Eli Tucker (tie)
3. Carol Temple

Favorite apartment building
1. Camden Potomac Yard
2. Barton House

Favorite street for trick-or-treating
1. N. Jackson Street in Ashton Heights
2. 14th Street S. in Douglas Park

Favorite dentist (for kids)
1. VK Pediatric Dentistry
2. Dr. Christine Reardon

The following are the fall winners from last week, which were not previously announced.

Favorite restaurant for a fancy dinner
1. SER
2. Lyon Hall
3. Ambar

Favorite financial planner
1. Paul Cocozza

Thank you to all who voted this fall!


The Arlies are back this week with not one, but two new categories. First, the results from last week’s voting.

Your favorite street for trick-or-treating is N. Jackson Street in Ashton Heights, followed by 14th Street S. in Douglas Park.

Your favorite dentist for kids is VK Pediatric Dentistry, followed by Dr. Christine Reardon.

Now, let’s vote on this week’s categories. Do you have a favorite fancy restaurant for a night of wining and dining clients or taking out a significant other? Do you have a favorite financial planner you trust and recommend to others?

Let us know below or by clicking this link.

Voting is open until next Tuesday, when we announce the winners and vote on a new category.


A new week and a new round of Arlies voting, but before we get to the latest categories, the results of last week’s voting.

Your favorite apartment building is Camden Potomac Yard, followed by Barton House.

Now, to this week’s two categories. With Halloween just around the corner, do you have a favorite trick-or-treating street where you can find full size candy bars? A specific street that gives out more than just bite size candy?

Also, somewhat related, do you have a favorite dentist — for kids — who makes routine cleanings fun and relatively painless?

Let us know below or by clicking this link.

Voting is open until next Tuesday, when we announce the winners and vote on a new category.


When the Kristin Francis Team says they do it all, they’re not kidding.

“Our favorite thing is to tell our clients to give us the keys, and we’ll give them a big check,” said Kristin Francis. “They don’t have to worry about anything unless they want to be involved.”

This ranges from staging to renovations to showings. Francis will even sport an inflatable unicorn costume and canvas a neighborhood.

And it’s not just about getting your home sold. It’s about selling your home “without a dollar left on the table,” Francis said. Her team consistently sells homes for over asking price.

So it makes sense the Kristin Francis Team was voted one of Arlington’s favorite real estate agents for sellers in the Arlies, ARLnow’s community awards.

We recently caught up with Francis to learn more about what makes her a go-to agent.

Buying Her First Condo at 24 

Back in 2004, Francis working a corporate job in marketing. Her officemate purchased a home, and it sparked Francis’ interest.

The only problem? She wasn’t quite sure she could afford it. She didn’t have much money. In fact, she had what felt like $1 million in debt.

“I just thought if she can do it, maybe I can do it, too,” she said. “So I started asking questions and figuring out what rocks I had to move.”

She purchased her first condo at 24. Then, she started helping her friends buy homes and realized she could turn this into her career. She got her real estate license in 2009 and cut ties with corporate America around 2012.

It’s worth noting she sold her condo two years later and made “a killing,” fueling her passion for using real estate as a wealth-building tool. Now, she helps others do the same.

Getting to Know the Kristin Francis Team

Here’s a fun fact: The Kristin Francis team is all women, and a lot of them are moms.

They all gravitated toward one another because of their similar goals. It’s not about hitting quotas — it’s about building relationships. In fact, all their business is repeat and referral, a testament to the strong bonds they’ve built.

Plus, they all like to have fun. Francis likes to say, “We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take our clients seriously.”

She points to her blue hair and her trusty inflatable unicorn costume as evidence.

They’re also committed to giving back. A portion of commissions goes toward a local or international cause that supports one of their pillars: Food, water, warmth and rest. This ranges from collecting donations for local families whose homes have been destroyed by fires to buying chickens so a family in Bali could start a farm.

Selling a Home With the Kristin Francis Team

According to Francis, anyone can sell a house in this market — “it’s who can sell it without a dollar left on the table,” she explained. “We have outsold and outperformed almost every agent out there.”

Francis’ team consistently sets records in many Arlington neighborhoods.

The key? Strategy. They’re not just throwing your home on the MLS and calling it a day. Selling your home starts with a conversation around your goals and the best way to accomplish them.

There are a lot of factors to weigh, and Francis’ team will help you consider them all. If your house needs a renovation? Their sister construction management company, Upcycle Homes, will take care of it. If you need staging? Posh & Pine, another sister company that stages homes, has you covered.

And, as a rule of thumb, they never ask anyone to do anything to their home unless it’ll yield a 150% return or more.

From there, Francis and her team get to work. They have listing, buying and administrative teams that’ll handle everything from hosting open houses to the nitty-gritty paperwork.

Throughout the process, the team has got your back, making sure the process is as seamless as possible. In fact, on the first open house weekend, they’ll give you a gift card — maybe to a movie or a local spa — as a way to make sure you can step back and relax.

Want to learn even more about the Kristin Francis Team? Stop by their website, shoot them an email or give them a call at 571-348-4604.

Another category is upon us for the fall 2021 Arlies, ARLnow’s community awards.

Last week, we asked readers about their favorite handyman. Unfortunately, no one person received sufficient votes to qualify.

Moving on to this week’s category, do you have a favorite apartment building you always recommend? A certain place that is in a great location, affordable, quiet and pet friendly? Or maybe a place that’s spacious, luxurious and near all the go-to spots? Let us know below or by clicking this link.

Voting is open until next Tuesday, when we announce the winners and vote on a new category.

Photo by Anders Holm-Jensen on Unsplash


As September ends and we head into October, we have a handy new Arlies category to vote on! First, the results of last week’s voting.

Your favorite condo complex is Arlington Village, followed by Shirlington Village Condos and The Continental at Ballston.

Your favorite real estate agent for condo buyers is Shawn Battle and Eli Tucker (tie), followed by Carol Temple.

Now, let’s vote on this week’s category. Is there a certain handyman you have on speed dial? A go-to person for your various home projects and maintenance? Let us know below or by clicking this link.

Voting is open until next Tuesday, when we announce the winners and vote on a new category.


A new week and the Arlies are back again with two new categories. First, the results from last week’s voting.

Your favorite biking trail is the W&OD Trail, followed by the Mt. Vernon Trail and the Four Mile Run Trail.

Your favorite bicycle shop is the Trek store in Clarendon, followed by Spokes Etc. and Bikenetic in Falls Church.

Now, let’s vote on this week’s categories. Do you have a favorite condo building that you call home or would love to call home? Is there a real estate agent you’ve worked with or would recommend when buying a condo? Let us know below or by clicking this link.

Voting is open until next Tuesday, when we announce the winners and vote on a new category.


The Arlies are back this week with two new categories to vote on, but first, the results from last week’s voting.

Arlington’s favorite sushi spot is Sushi-Zen, followed by Sushi Rock and a tie between Endo Sushi and Yume Sushi.

Now, on to this week’s categories.

Do you have a favorite local bike trail? One that offers the best views and the smoothest ride?

Do you have a favorite bicycle shop you recommend to others? A shop that has knowledgeable sales personnel and/or dependable repair services? Let us know below or by clicking this link.

Voting is open until next Tuesday, when we announce the winners and vote on a new category.



The Arlies: Summer 2021 Winners

Voting for the fall 2021 Arlies kicked off this week with a tasty new category, but before we say goodbye to summer here’s a look back at the Summer 2021 Arlies winners.

Thousands of readers selected winners from 18 categories, which included favorite summer camp, ice cream shop, real estate agent for sellers, sports bar and more.

Favorite barbershop
1. Bearded Goat Barber
2. Willy & Habib’s Barber Shop
3. Westover Barber Shop

Favorite dentist (for adults)
1. Dr. Richars Gruntz
2. Dr. Tamara Garrett
3. Roca Dental

Favorite dog park
1. Shirlington Dog Park
2. Ethan Allen Dog Park
3. Gateway Park

Favorite food truck
1. Tacos El Chilango
2. La Tingeria
3. Tacos Los Primos

Favorite gym/fitness studio
1. Gold’s Gym
2. Arlington Jazzercise
3. MADabolic, Earth Treks and Vida Fitness (tie)

Favorite hair salon
1. Casal’s De Spa & Salon
2. Smitten
3. Urban Halo

Favorite HVAC company
1. Chandler’s Plumbing and Heating Co.
2. Arlington Heating & Air Conditioning

Favorite ice cream shop
1. Toby’s Homemade Ice Cream
2. Nicecream
3. Carvel

Favorite lawn care service
1. Andy’s Lawn and Landscape
2. Better Lawn Service Inc.
3. The Lawn Barbers

Favorite moving company
1. JK Moving Services
2. Two Marines Moving, Town & Country Movers, Bookstore Movers (tie)

Favorite OB/GYN
1. Northern Virginia Physicians to Women
2. Physicians and Midwives
3. Healthcare for Women

Favorite outdoor dining
1. McNamara’s Pub and Restaurant
2. Ruthie’s All Day
3. SER

Favorite preschool/daycare
1. Trinity School of Early Learning
2. Overlee Preschool
3. Maria Teresa’s Babies Early Enrichment Center

Favorite real estate agent for sellers
1. Liz Lord
2. Kristin Francis Team
3. Paul Cachion

Favorite sports bar
1. Crystal City Sports Pub
2. First Down Sports Bar & Grill
3. Ireland’s Four Courts

Favorite summer camp
1. Get Out of the House Camp by Social Grace
2. Congressional Camp
3. KidRealm

Favorite urgent care
1. Immediate Care by PMA Health
2. Virginia Hospital Center Immediate Care
3. Old Dominion Urgent Care

Favorite veterinarian
1. Clarendon Animal Care
2. Cherrydale Veterinary Clinic
3. Caring Hands Animal Hospital

Thank you to all who voted over the course of the summer!


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