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Italian Restaurant Concept Coming to Clarendon

by ARLnow.com — August 7, 2012 at 12:40 pm 12,329 129 Comments

La Tagliatella, an Italian restaurant concept from Spain, is coming to the former Restaurant 3 space at 2950 Clarendon Blvd.

The restaurant chain, which has some 135 locations in Spain, France and Andorra, is expanding rapidly. AmRest, the restaurant’s European parent company, recently announced that it’s opening La Tagliatella locations in China, India, Germany and the United States. In addition to Arlington, news reports indicate another location is coming to Atlanta.

La Tagliatella is described on the restaurant’s web site as “a chain of restaurants specialising in high-quality Italian gastronomy…  from the [Northern] Italian regions of Piamonte, Liguria, and Reggio Emilia.”

From the web site:

At La Tagliatella, we explore every aspect of Italian gastronomy so as to provide the best tastes and textures directly from their origin. Our attention to such detail starts from the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, with its own Denomination of Origin (ripened in caves for 24 months), our pizza dough, elaborated with two different kinds of grain to achieve its particular taste and consistency, to Bocconcino, our buffalo’s milk mozzarella made following the genuine traditional Italian recipe.

We have designed our menu so that our customers can fully enjoy it with loved ones. Pizzas are made in a traditional forno italiano, our carpaccio with genuine buffalo mozzarella, salads in the shape of the tower of Pisa, made with real grilled vegetables, risottos with duck maigret, truffles, and Iberian cold meat. We have more than 400 combinations of pasta and sauce, panna cotta, tiramisù and home-made ice-cream… our extensive choice, with its generous portions, is perfect to be enjoyed in the company of your loved ones. In addition, all our recipes are cooked with real extra-virgin olive oil.

The company is currently seeking to hire managers for the Clarendon restaurant. According to a help wanted ad, the prospective managers would be flown to Spain for 2-4 weeks of training.

No word yet on when La Tagliatella is hoping to open.

  • DarkHeart

    “La Tagliatella, an Italian restaurant concept from Spain”. All you need to know, turn around and go back to Faccia Luna.

    • Typical

      Typical comment on Arlnow. Let’s just go ahead and kill this place before it even opens. I’m so sick of you people that make these type of comments.

      • drax


        Though the word “concept” irks me.

        • Charles

          I agree – what makes it a restaurant concept instead of a restaurant? Besides a pretentious attitude, I mean.

          • TCE

            “what makes it a restaurant concept instead of a restaurant”…. easy… higher prices….

      • B22201

        Vapiano is an Italian restaurant concept from Germany. All you need to know. . .

        Faccia Luna had a roach running around my table. . . all I needed to know to not want to return no matter how much I liked the pizza.

        • CW

          Not sure what point you’re trying to make. I think Vapiano is pretty terrible. If that’s what you’re saying, then I’m in agreement.

          I think Faccia Luna is pretty good. I tend to give places a pass on the occasional insect. It’s just unrealistic to expect 100% extermination. Tell me you’ve never found a single insect inside your own home. You should go live in the deep south sometime.

          • Tre

            And I think Vapiano’s is great. I’m pretty sure no one on ARLnow is really swayed by what other commenters say. To each his own.

          • CW

            You from Buffalo?

          • Buffalo Ex-Pat

            Tre may or may not be – but I am. What’s up?

          • Elle K

            I worked at Ruby Tuesday for five years (not near Arlington) and the restaurant was regularly fumigated. It was quite an ordeal for staff who had to bag up, wipe down, and re-situate stuff. But I never saw a live bug there in all that time. If RT can do it, Faccia Luna can.

      • Clarendon

        Look, I generally think the negativity is over the top, but come on… An Italian concept restaurant run by a spanish company… The spanish company owned by a european conglomerate (AmRest) that also owns KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and Applebees…

        Sorry, but I just can’t get juiced.

        • Typical

          I agree that it doesn’t sound that great based on the fact it’s owned by AmRest, but let’s not judge before we’ve even tasted a bite of food.
          And is it impossible for a Spanish company to cook Italian food? Is it somehow impossible to cook Italian food if you’re not Italian? I guess trained chefs can’t comprehend Italian food unless they have Italian blood. My mistake.

          • nom de guerre

            “And is it impossible for a Spanish company to cook Italian food?”

            Yes, it is possible for anyone to cook Italian food, including yourself.

      • Marie Antoinette

        you people?

        • A. Romney


    • karzai

      Looks like the pre-judgments are again off to a fast start. Why don’t you let the place open, order some food there, and then give us your opinion…. that might make more sense.

      • nom de guerre

        “No word yet on when La Tagliatella is hoping to open.”

        But they rudely and disrespectfully fail to inform the community of their opening date and business hours.

        • karzai

          Why the moderators allow you to persist in this nonsense is a mystery to me.

          • drax

            Why you keep resetting the clock is a mystery to me.

          • karzai

            your clock is broken, is the judgment of everyone else on this network. Cyber-hooliganism prohibited…

          • karzai

            why they allow cyber-hooligans like you to create a “clock” to be “reset” is beyond me.

  • South Awwlington

    Didn’t “3″ just recently open. I don’t make it to Clarendon all that often but it seemed relatively new.

    I guess you can over-saturate. Even in Arlington.

    • Typical

      I think it opened back in 2007, I could be wrong though.

      • LP

        It opened 4 1/2 years ago.

        • Josh S

          Which, depending on your frame of reference, is “just recently.”

          I hardly think anyone would have described 3 as a bedrock Clarendon establishment. Or even an established Clarendon establishment.

  • Jeff

    Sounds like it could be a really good addition to Clarendon.

    And FYI – 3 was open for about 5 years I think.

  • TJLinBallston

    “3″ never sparked the great word-of-mouth that Lyon Hall, Liberty Tavern and even Pete’s Apizza enjoys. “3″ just kinda sat there, out of focus. I’m ready for some snazzy Italian fare there. And BTW, I’m a regular at “Face of the Moon” and always enjoy it.

    • CW

      Despite their bacon obsession that somehow bought them into numerous Travel Channel shows, 3 was just never that great.

      • Marlo


        • malaka

          stuck up peeps? it’s the same family that run Whitlows

          • drax

            So, the Whitlow family? ;)

    • RosettaStoned

      Faccia Luna=Moon Face
      Faccia della luna= Face of the Moon

      • TJLinBallston

        Interesting! “Moon Face” is a great translation! Everybody calls it “Face of…” and now your truly, Mr. Know-It-All, gets to correct his posse. Hey, I read it on the internet; must be true!

        • YTK

          Bacio Mi Luna

  • Marie Antoinette

    Sigh. Another chain restaurant rolls into Clarendon…

    I mean, take yesterday for example. We were out at the Olive Garden for dinner, which was lovely. And uh, I happen to look over at a certain point during the meal and see a waitress taking an order, and I found myself wondering…

    • Bender

      Mom and Pop places can no longer afford Clarendon, and they are or soon will be priced out of the rest of the R-B corridor, as well as Columbia Pike.

    • Frank Ricard

      Stop stealing my bit, Marie.

  • Dr_K

    Corporatese: “Italian Restaurant Concept” Translation: “We’re just going to tell you right up front this will be a mockery of real Italian food.”

    • drax

      So what?

      To paraphrase Duke Ellington: if it tastes good, it is good. Screw “authenticity” and “real.” There’s no such thing anyway. Every cuisine changes, even in its own country of origin.

      • Tre


      • Josh S

        Witness the “buffalo milk mozzarella” made from a “traditional Italian recipe.”

        When did the buffalo migrate to Italy?

        This is stretching things a bit, I think.

        But, hey – what a concept!

        • B Div

          Water Buffalo have been in Italy for well over a thousand years.

          • buffalo

            US “Buffalo” are in fact not buffalo at all – they are Bison

        • WeiQiang
        • YTK

          Water Buffalo – Buffaloni = GREAT Mozzarella

    • malaka

      This tells you all you need to know:
      “salads in the shape of the tower of Pisa, made with real grilled vegetables”

      • Dr_K

        Is that opposed to the fake grilled vegetables they serve you at that other Italian chain? If it tips over is the salad free?

      • Ralph

        A salad with real vegetables? Where is the world coming to?

      • nom de guerre

        But will they have Fiori di Zucca Fritti (Fried stuffed squash blossoms) shaped like the Tower of Pisa? Will they be real or fake?

      • J6P

        Americans love theme food. I’ve always wanted to eat the Tower of Pisa, haven’t you ? Not so big on the vegetables though. Well, unless they are fried. My favorite veggie themed food is the Quaker Steak and Lube’s tower of onion rings served on an engine dipstick. That’s pure excellence !


  • South Awwlington

    Good restaurants don’t close, they renew leases.

    That said, everyone seems to want to be in the business today.

    Deservedly or not.

  • Lugi

    Pizza ya face at courthouse!! The owner stands over you and watchs you eat! Great Eyetalian

    • Jeff

      I love that place. Great basic italian food at decent prices. We need(ed) a place like that here in Courthouse.

  • jackson

    I need a score card to keep the snobs and the trolls straight around here.

  • JamesE

    Should have been a taco bell

    • Typical

      Taco Bell
      4923 Lee Hwy
      Arlington, VA

      • JamesE

        That’s a clown address, BRO. Of course I know about that one but I have to DRIVE there

        • cyclist

          You don’t HAVE to drive.

          • JamesE

            sure thing, Lance

          • South Awwlington

            Watch the bollards and old ladies.

          • cyclist

            Because only elite athletes can ride a bike a few miles for a taco.

          • JamesE

            Do you have team Taco Bell spandex?

          • WeiQiang

            I have Ben&Jerry’s spandex

          • cyclist

            Of course – spandex expands as you eat.

  • Yello

    Open late night? Take out? Garlic?

  • SteveP

    The curious thing to me is, who misspelled the regions of Italy? La Tagliatella or ArlNow?

    “Italian regions of Piamonte, Liguria, and Reggio Emilia”
    In Italian, it’s Piemonte, not Piamonte. As for Reggio Emilia, that’s not a region, it’s a city. The region that Reggio Emilia is in is Emilia Romagna, and I suspect that they accidentally did that.

    I dunno, perhaps that’s how they spell those regions in Spain, but it looks odd to my eye, having been educated a few years in Italy. In any case, I’m willing to give them a try, though a salad in the shape of the tower of Pisa doesn’t encourage me.

  • Damian Mandola

    Is Arlington too good for a mediocre Italian concept restaurant from America, like Carraba’s?

    • Ralph


    • JamesE

      What about Fazoli’s?

      • CrystalMikey

        Drive through Italian!

        • WeiQiang

          Let’s hope not … have you seen how they drive in Italy?

  • Moron

    I will not eat here until I know the politics of the owners. I would hate for my money to be used for things I don’t agree with.

    • malaka

      I belive it is Franco / Mussolini / Tea party

    • Tre


    • Josh S

      As an attempt at satire, this gets a D+.

  • Sim City

    sorry, this place just deserves a good hatin’. In addition to all the good hatin’ points made above, it can’t decide whether it wants to be pretentious or down-to-earth:

    ” We have designed our menu so that our customers can fully enjoy it with loved ones. Pizzas are made in a traditional forno italiano,”

    huh? Yeah, i guess they’re right. My loved ones always want to forno italiano

    huh? Yeah, I guess they’re right. There are enough restaurants that I can go to with people I hate

    does forno italiano mean chuckie cheese in spanish?

    there’s just way to much material there.


    • malaka

      Forno italiano = italian oven….although I’ll be they use plenty Forno microonde too.

  • Typical

    The comment section as it was intended has because a complete farce.
    The website comment sole purpose has apparently become hyperbole.

    • JamesE

      You must be new to the Internet

      • YTK

        Give Typical a little time to get used to us. Oh gotta run– here’s my trolley car !!!
        Oops- electricity is off? Gotta push?? O..K….

        • Josh S

          ^^^ Calculated to drive you MAD.

  • I have a Mustache

    Bippy Boppa, Boppa Biddity, Pizza Piea,

  • RosettaStoned

    I’m thinking of opening up a concept of a concept restaurant. I first conceived of this concept around the time of my first son’s conception, which ironically occurred while my wife and I were watching Inception. Great movie, greater concept.

    Remember when “fusion” was the popular buzzword in restaurant lingo? How long for a good ol fashioned Eskimo-Brazilian fusion eatery.

  • karzai

    As one who is obsessed with duck dishes, the fact that this restaurant is listing a duck risotto has piqued my intense interest. I wish this restaurant the best of luck.

    • nom de guerre

      Speaking of duck, Sam’s Food Truck is featuring an Italian style seared free range Donaldson Run duck breast topped with a confit of sweet and tart Cipollini caramelized onions seasoned with herbs and balsamic vinegar and artisanal Manchego cheese on an artisan sourdough baguette with a faro and watercress pesto.

      • karzai

        Ok, well this has my interest. Hopefully I will have a bit more luck finding this food truck and getting this dish than I did in finding Sam’s Corner open.

        Unlike many on this network, I sought to actually patronize Sam’s Corner to give an informed opinion – rather than prejudge the food. Unfortunately, I was thwarted by the fact that I never found it open at any time when I was there. And I was sometimes walking there during lunch time during the workweek.

        • drax

          So rude! Rude rude rude!

      • YTK

        Donaldson Duck– sounds Disney-esque

  • Sim City

    they probably could have avoided all this deserved snark if they had hired someone who could write in English (and spell in Italian). That said, I will only go to this place by accident

    • malaka

      does that happen often?


    Mang! More canned culinary concepts coming to clarendon! Just what we needed! First they killed Kitty O’Shea’s, and now the Abercrombie of Italian restaurants is coming to town. Personality, NoArl abhorrs thee!

    • DarkHeart

      Kitty O’Shea’s killed the dive that was there before it. Joe’s, IIRC.

  • Alex

    If we are going to get “fake” Italian food, we should still count our blessings that it’s a Vapiano’s or Tagliatella and not a Pizza Hut.

  • YTK

    An Italian restaurant from Spain… What’s next — Chinese Carry Out from France???

    • malaka

      we already had a chinese from peru….closed after about 6 months (Yaku)

      • internet tourettes

        FWIW chino/latino can be pretty good and its a product of the chinese who immigrated there in the 1800′s. Although chinese carry out in France is lame their Vietnamese is pretty good and I would say its on par with what you can get here which is pretty good for outside Vietnam. The worse how ever is indonesian food in the Netherlands, they make it spicy with paprika(!).

        • CW

          Mmmm, chino latino is awesome. With so many Peruvians in the area, someone should totally open a chifa place. Malaka, where was the failed location located? Must have been before my time.

    • drax

      Or Mexican from Texas? Or Chinese from San Francisco? Or Italian from New York?

  • novasteve

    Is that vending machine pizza coming here too?

  • internet tourettes

    People here don’t know what Italian food is let alone Northern vs. Southern. I bit the Spanish interpretation is a hellva lot better than the standard fare here…

  • SteveP

    I’m going to have to generally agree with that.

  • Electricbill

    That area is full of mediocre restaurants. It will do just fine. Whitlow’s is one of the worst places I have ever eaten in, but lots of people seem to love it. A lot of people in Arlington don’t have a very sophisticated palate. I’ve been looking for a good Chinese place for years.

    • drax

      Or you’re a snob.

      • Electricbill

        I fail to see how knowing the difference between a good place and a lousy place makes me a snob.

        • SouthPikeGuy

          You hit it on the head.

        • drax

          It doesn’t. It’s possible you’re a snob, but that wouldn’t be why. There’s another reason why.

          • Electricbill

            I’m not a snob, but you are obviously trying to pick a fight. SouthPikeGuy understood what I was saying.

  • http://purple.com/purple.html Captain Pup McPuppo

    … i think it sounds pretty cool. obviously in the minority here.

  • Who let all the d-bags in?

    As a longtime Arlington resident, I’ve watched the transformation of Clarendon from worn down strip of hodgepodge used car lots and tired storefronts. Unfortunately, we have “jumped the shark” and now have a never ending parade of chain restaurants, frozen yogurt joints and cupcake bakeries. The combination of these types of places has attracted a carbon-copy clientele of young, brash douchebags…hence the name, “Clarendouche.”

    Aside from Iota and Galaxy Hut, there are not any truly unique joints in The Douche. Well, except for The Cheesecake Factory…that place is awesome!

    • Clarendon resident

      you can’t be serious about the Cheesecake Factory reference! CF is a chain that does nothing to support the local hospitality industry?! “3″ sought to bring fine dining to Clarendon – and as a local who dines out 4x/week I am looking for a good “big salad or a burger vs. a fine dining experience. While “3″ didn’t offer this originally changed their menu to meet local tastes and needs, We need more support for independent and small local restaurants, such as previously mentioned Iota, Whitlows – not to mention Woodgirll.
      As a community we need to keep the individuality that made Clarendon unique (aka “weird”) – something we should be proud of. Not another chain-of-the-day locale.

      • Commodore

        That ship has departed the DR Yacht Club.

    • YTK

      I miss the Sears that used to be there- 3 stores — great garden department and auto supply store.

  • WikiTikki

    It reminds me of Los Pollos Hermanos, a Madrigal Electromotive GmbH company.


  • WikiTi

    It reminds me of Los Pollos Hermanos,

    (a Madrigal Electromotive GmbH company. )


  • Sandra

    I ate at the Barcelona locations of this restaurant when I lived there. The food is actually very tasty. And give them a break on the copy; it was obviously translated by someone who isn’t a specialist in marketing-speak.

    • Sim City

      or writing

    • MrSame

      And the reliable thing about chains is that it will taste exactly the same in Clarendon, VA as it does in any of the 150 locations in Spain. So, when our Spanish visitors come into town for a visit, we can take them there so they feel right at home.

      • malaka

        but I thought the whole concept was that it for Spanish people to take Italian vistors to? Now II’m confused..

    • YTK

      Great but I bet they local-sourced their food there

  • LuvDusty

    BTW, La Tasca (the Spanish restaurant chain) in Clarendon used to be owned by an Uruguayan. (It may still be).

    So don’t take nationality to mean anything in terms of authenticity or quality. BTW, is Face Moon owned by Italians? Doubt it.

    I remember back in the late 90s when Face Moon was pretty much the ONLY option for any italian in Clarendon…nearest options was Il Radicchio in Rosslyn.

    So I say, the more options the merrier.

    Now, when is some smart business person going to realize that Clarendon has no sandwich shops? Closest is COSI and that’s Courthouse.

    If someone smart were to open a Potbelly’s or something better, they’d make a mint both at lunch and at dinner.

    • CW

      I agree, and Earl’s is not that good. Clarendon needs a real deli.

      • drax

        Earl’s is good – ALOT better than Potbelly or whatever. Just small with a small menu.

  • drax

    Earl’s Sandwiches, 2605 Wilson Boulevard.

  • Justin

    Why is the restaurant scene in Arlington so pathetic?

    • Electricbill

      Careful! I made a similar comment and was accused of being a snob.

  • Ryan

    Why does a restaurant have to be based in the country of the food it serves? If that’s the case any american owned company that cooks ethnic fair is terrible. Let the place open and give it a try…


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