Restaurant 3 in Clarendon to Close

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Restaurant 3 (2950 Clarendon Blvd) will serve its last meals tonight (June 1).

The Clarendon restaurant has announced that it will close its doors for good after last call tonight. Co-owner Jonathan Williams says he and fellow co-owner Greg Cahill, who also owns nearby Whitlow’s on Wilson (2854 Wilson Boulevard), have decided to sell the 221-seat restaurant.

“It has been a fun and exciting ride,” Williams said of the restaurant’s four and a half years in business. “I’m very appreciative for the neighborhood support. I’m proud of my staff and proud of what we’ve built.”

Restaurant 3 opened in October 2007 and served what was described as “classic American cuisine accented with innovative, regional twists.” Rebranded as “3 Bar and Grill” in 2010, the restaurant became notable for its pig roasts and annual Bacon Week, which earned it airtime on Sunday Night Football and the Travel Channel.

Williams declined to discuss the decision to sell the restaurant, but admitted that Clarendon has become an increasingly competitive market for restaurants. Just two weeks ago Market Tavern, another large restaurant along Clarendon Boulevard, closed amid bankruptcy proceedings.

“I think everybody’s aware of how competitive this neighborhood is,” Williams said.

Williams confirmed that another restaurant will eventually take 3’s place, but would not reveal the identity of the new restaurant or its owners. He also emphasized that nothing will change at Whitlow’s, where he used to serve as general manager before opening Restaurant 3 with Cahill.

“The [Whitlow’s] rooftop has been successful and we’ll continue to operate over there,” he said.

Williams was vague about future plans, but said that he hopes to do something bacon-related again. For the time being, he’s focused on finding new jobs for the restaurant’s 35-40 employees. Anyone interested in hiring his restaurant employees, he said, should email [email protected]

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  • Corey

    The rent is too damn high.

    • Bob the Builder


      • Fred the Realtor


        • D'oh!


    • Clarendon

      I assumed they owned that building. It seems like a lot was spent on the redesign/rennovation anyway. I think a good seafood place would do well. The kind of place that when the desire is seafood you think of it immediately. Just like when you think of steaks you go to Ray’s around here.

      • Corey

        Right – higher rent means higher-margin restaurants on Clarendon/Wilson. That’s why it’s all chains and places novasteve would call “snobby”.

        • James

          I always said that the person that owned that spot was stupid for not setting up a deal with the condo building that was
          being built at the time about 8 years ago. Let them tear down the old building, the condo gets something like 13 units above and you get the
          ground floor rent free. Each make out.

    • Crab

      The food was too damn bad.

      • Tre


      • SoMuchForSubtlety

        +1 and overpriced.

      • AJ

        absolutely. i gave it 3 tries. it was godawful each time.

      • bleh

        no kidding! I ate there twice with bad service and sub par food. No big loss that they’re closing.

    • chihuahua

      I was wrong. It wasn’t going to be Sushi Rock next.

  • arlgirl

    Not surprised — food has been mediocre for years.

    • Wilbur

      Agreed. Think we gave it two tries. Food was pretensions in description and disappointing in experience.

      • SoMuchForSubtlety

        Totally agree.

  • novasteve

    Wow, Courthound is badluck for places 🙁

    • courthound

      No kidding. $3 happy hours of good beer until 8 PM was a steal. And their $6 apps were also very good.

      • novasteve


        I wish I knew. Damn ABC rules against advertising happy hours.

        Anyone else noticing how many places are openly violating the rule by having signs advertising their happy hour deals? I won’t name them, but I’m seeing more and more of this.

        • bob

          What you missed the big signs inside advertising $3 drafts? Please.

          • novasteve

            I’ve never been in it before, so I can’t see a sign in it.


          Happy Hours app.

          • novasteve

            If those exist, they would be illegal in Virginia. You can’t advertise the happyhour outside of the place.

          • hello

            It’s illegal for the restaurant to advertise through social media. However, if a third party decides to list the happy hour on their website or app, then it’s fine.

      • MmmmPorkSliders

        Agreed! I just found that out about a month ago, I love it. You can eat and get drunk for under $20! The pork sliders were awesome, as was the pizza. They had some good tap selections too, which for $3, was awesome.

        • courthound

          I’ve been going there for at least 3 years. Loved it.

          Yeah, the taps are/were good. A couple New Belgiums, Anderson Valley, DC Brau, Eggenberg Pils, Great Lakes and a huge assortment of bottles.

          The flatbread is also excellent.

  • CrystalMikey

    Wow….such a shame.

  • novasteve

    Just a suggestion for any potential new restaurant. Try something DIFFERENT. All of these places are exactly the same.

    • Corey

      Start e-mailing the NIMBYs in Lyon Park. This will continue until Clarendon/Courthouse is allowed to expand to an optimal size.

      • Eh?


        • Swag


          • Hah

            I like it

    • Aaron

      Restaurant 3 was different, and look what happened to it!!! There’s safety in mediocrity.

      • AJ

        the only thing “different” about restaurant 3 is that its food sucked in different ways. it wasn’t mediocre, it was actively bad.

        • bleh


        • AH

          Last time we ate there I had a salad and it looked like someone had a vendetta against the lettuce. I’d swear every leaf had been bruised and beaten by a large person in a bad mood, and then left to sit for a few days in a cooler, to achieve optimal non-fresh flavor.

  • Southeast Ben

    Mr. Dreamos…I know others are thinking it.

    Maybe a seafood spot will open in one of these spots?

    • Bob the Builder

      Um, Mr. Dreamos went to Med School. It’s Dr. Dreamos.

      • louise

        It was, in fact, Dr. Dremo’s.

      • CourthouseChris

        Mr. Dremos is his son, studying to be an architect.

        • Southeast Ben

          Long day at office…and yes it is Dr. Dremo’s

          • old-timer

            No, it was Bardo Rodeo!

          • JohnB2

            Wasn’t it Amdo at one point too? Then there was the other place, Tonga Rodeo, near Iota.

          • Louise

            Roratonga Rodeo. From what I recall, there were some name changes due to a divorce (of the owners). But yes, I’ll always remember it as Bardo’s!

            The history (as recorded back in ’98 by the W. Post): Roratonga Rodeo was named for a South Pacific island (actually Rarotonga, apparently)… it was one of the first nightspots on Wilson blvd in Arlington, started by Billy Stewart and Alice Despard. They split up, she changed that club’s name to Galaxy Hut (still hopping), and he opened the Amdo Rodeo (where IOTA is now) then Bardo Rodeo…

          • old-timer

            Correct, Louise. Amdo wasn’t at the same location though. Bardo was the first name for that location, the one that later contained Dr. Dremo’s.

            The next Dremo is going to H St. NE in DC.

          • Frito Pie

            Wasn’t it also Strangeways at one point?

        • DERPHERP

          His other son, Dr. Dremo DDS is opening a dentist practice there.

  • KalashniKEV

    I liked the look, but the food was meh. I hope something awesome pops up there!

  • novasteve

    Split it up into two dive bars. It’s so rare in arlington that even if they only have 60 loyal customers, they’d probably do better than your typical “Tavern” here.

  • Don the Diner

    Apparently the property has been purchased by a Spanish chain that specializes in Italian food:
    So expect a cross between Vapianos / La Tasca

    • Meh

      Great, more expensive “tapas”

    • For the record, we heard something similar but could not get the owners to confirm it.

      • LP

        If this is the case and La Tagliatella is opening up in the former 3 space, I think it speaks volumes about Clarendon, Arlington and the greater DC area.

        From what I can gather from their website, this would be their first location outside of Spain and for them to choose a small suburb of DC and not DC itself, or New York, LA, SF, etc. shows what Clarendon has to offer.

        It could be really good, but I have my doubts of it thriving.

        • bob

          That place sucks. I’ve been to the ones in Spain. Really awful.

          • d-lux

            yep- unfortunately I can confirm. I lived a few blocks from the La Tagliatella on Calle Caleruega in Madrid- totally sucky chain restaurant…

    • Clarendon

      Sounds like an abomination. I see people in La Tasca – why ?

      • dk

        +1. The only thing more mysterious than the people in La Tasca is the people in Boulevard Woodgrille.

    • somewhat interested

      Just because it’s a Spanish chain doesn’t necessarily mean it’s tapas style…when I was in Spain last month there were a lot of Italian restaurants that just appeared to serve regular Italian meals not small plates. Of course, I didn’t actually eat in any of them because I was loving the tapas scene, but that was my take based off of glancing into a few restaurants and looking at some of the menus.

      Based off of a quick glance at that website, the decor looks like it might be a little cheesy, wonder if they’ll update that for Clarendon. If they serve some quality Italian pasta dishes (i.e. Carbonara that is make from egg and not a cream sauce) I could get behind this place, a solid Italian (not pizza) restaurant is something I think the area is missing.

      I will miss 3 though, it was a good place to pop into for some good beer specials and the pork sliders!

    • Larchmont

      Uh oh…that restaurant group owns a bunch of Applebee’s.

      • Hmm..

        Cool.. AmRest has KFCs, Pizza Huts, and Starbucks too. Fingers crossed that we’ll finally get another Starbucks!

    • anonymouse

      Kinda like how Vapiana’s Italian restaurant is run by Germans?

  • CW

    Wow, we’re really starting to see them fall here, huh? I think we’ve reached critical mass. I think the Clarendon / Courthouse restaurant scene is going to go one of two ways. Either it’s going to go high end / big hype with the Mike Isabella types moving in to sell their $20 small plates, or its just going to end up populated with well-capitalized chains that don’t care about the profitability of individual locations.

    I think that we’re going to see a spate of closures in the next year. I know what residential leases go for around there; I can’t imagine what commercial ones are like. There are just too many places that don’t have enough butts in the seats for the numbers to work.

  • bert

    someone should open a big korean bbq joint there…that’d be different

    • novasteve

      What’s the korean word for Tavern?

      Maybe they can call it the Ahn Yong Ha Sayo Tavern

    • Quoth the Raven

      That’s a great idea — while there are plenty of them in other places, I don’t know of any in that part of Arlington. I’d go there in a heartbeat, even if it does mean I have to cook my own dinner!

    • LP

      I’d be in for some KBBQ in the neighborhood!

  • SomeGuy

    They were on the right track when this place was Mama Quan’s for a summer. Then they built “3.”

    • LP

      Mama Quan’s was awesome!

      • drax

        Bring back Mama Quan’s! It’s rocked.

        Restaurant 3 was overpriced and underinspired.

    • Malaka

      I never understood why the Aegean Taverna closed….after enduring all the construction around it.

      • Justin Russo

        Same here.

  • novasteve

    Okay, I’ll ask this, do you think Clarendon has improved with these “Tavern” type places? Or do you miss the olden days of the vietnamese restaurants, the japanese places, etc?

    And when are they going to do something with that former indian restaurant next to the moroccan place?

    • Clarendon

      It’s interesting. The article above from 2006 is about the business people’s views of the changing Clarendon. In there, they assume that is what people want. Java Shack owner says

      “The new people want really new and modern; they want another Bethesda, not the cool and funky that the old neighbors wanted.”

      I can confirm all the older residents I know like “cool and funky”, and the ethnic restaurants etc. Did the new people really want all that to go out the window ?

      • drax

        What sucks is they just pull these ideas out of thin air.

        Plenty of people would go for the cool and funky if it was still around.

        • Hattie McDaniel

          Galaxy Hut doesn’t seem to be hurting, and it’s about the only old cool and funky place left.

          • courthound

            Quiet, you. The first rule of Galaxy Hut is you don’t talk about Galaxy Hut.

          • HP2000

            The problem is you can’t manufacture cool and funky… it just sort of happens. Then poof! It is gone.

          • Clarendon

            You’re right, I’m hoping to hang on until the new buildings get old and the froo froo places go under or move away. I find myself visiting friends in DelRay and over by Westover and Eden center more. IOTA is still awesome. Actually some of the events that the Clarendon Alliance put on in the past contributed to the cool and funky like Mardi Gras and Tax Blues and the performance art shows in the Peck body shop (anyone remember those?). But Tax Blues is gone and Mardi Gras seems a little more like going through the motions every year. What is the Alliance doing now ?

            Clarendon doesn’t need any more revitalization but it sure could use some Funkification !

    • Henry Spencer

      That building has been slated to come down for years, but I guess the financing isn’t there. The Indian place was really good & cheap when it first opened, but the original owner sold it, and it sucked for the short time it remained open after that.

      • Clarendon

        I don’t think the buildings are coming down, they are to be integrated into the new building, sort of like 11th. But having just past by there, the building looks in bad disrepair with missing terra cotta shingles and other problems. They put up a project sign recently that has the name of some bank on it so it seems like the financing is there.

        • Karzai’s Mammy

          As long as “they” post the hours, it’s cool.

        • karzai

          USAA Real Estate told me six weeks ago they were shopping the drawings around to various construction companies. the building is to be an apartment house called the Waverley.

          And Karzai does not need a “mammy,” but thanks anyway.

  • The Gov..

    SomeGuy: beat me to it. Mama Quan’s was special. Can’t believe that was 5 summers ago. Think rooftop of Whitloes before they opened the roof. That place was PACKED for one summer, had cheap cold beer. I’m sure they made way more money off of Mama Quan’s than they did for 3.

    • RCW

      Anyone ever notice they didn’t ever play music at Mama Quan’s? No ambient background noise. It was like the laugh track on sitcoms, once you noticed it is all you could ever hear. And the sound of silence was deafening!

      • Sam

        Yeah but Mama Quans was a complete ghost town after labor day. They made all their money between Memorial Day and Laor Day.

    • drax

      With cheap beer? Doubtful. It was a much more enjoyable place, but it probably didn’t pay the rent. Sad to say.

      • John Fontain

        Speculating without all the facts, huh?

        • karzai

          That’s what he does, speculates without facts and fires cheap shots….

          • drax

            It’s so rude of me.

        • drax

          Yes, John. I was speculating. And I made that clear with words like “doubtful” and “probably.”

    • Tabs


      I went there once.

      They served me some freezer-burned old chicken kebab and rice a roni.

      It was the worst food I’ve ever eaten without getting sick.

      • You’ve Never been

        Hey tabs… You’ve obviously never been…

        • Sam

          You thought Mama Quans had good food? Or are you confused and think that they are talking about 3? Mama Quans was absolutely horrible in the food department but they never aspired to be a dining destination. It was just a way to make some money while they planned and designed out the space for 3.

          • Tabs

            Exactly. Who might you be, “You’ve Never been”?

            I didn’t know it was soon to close, and that they were just using up what was left in the freezer.

            Service was abysmal as well.

  • Corey

    I wonder how many restaurants the area would be able to support if folks didn’t have to fork over 40-60% of their monthly incomes in rent.

    • novasteve

      Don’t forget we have to for over more so people who can’t afford to live here can be subsidized. They’ll have more money to spend on food thanks to us!

      • Corey

        No one’s arguing for subsidized housing, Steve. People are arguing for MORE housing.

        • AH

          Right. Because we don’t have enough traffic and crowds here yet. LOL. We live a few blocks from Buckingham and it is a huge sprawl of many, many low income residents, but maybe that’s all smoke and mirrors.

    • Juanita de Talmas

      Are you talking about the residents or the restaurants? They both probably pay that much to stay

  • 350sbc

    They had AVBC on tap.. damn.

  • airwolf

    Well, not surprising the food was average and the prices were high. I would think if Luna, Whitlows, Ray’s, etc… can make it, anyone can. You need to be reasonable, have a good menu and the groups will come. I for one would like to see a little less posh places where you can get decent food and hang out. Just me though

    • novasteve

      How can I let people know how important I think I am if the place isn’t posh?

      • Hah

        Spend $6 on a Corona. That’s how these places label themselves as upscale

      • posh git

        post on Arlnow about how well travelled you are and how you are a lawyer…works for you!

        • novapeeved

          And how many little old ladies you’ve saved from marauding bikers.

    • John Fontain

      “I for one would like to see a little less posh places where you can get decent food and hang out”

      I second that.

      • Tabs

        Like 11th St whatever it was called.

  • Random Person

    Its a real shame that cool, unique locations like this are all getting pushed out of this area. I live right down the street and now that I am in my late 20’s I swear off any bar but Jays if feels like nowadays. Places like American Tap Room?? Their name suggests something, but they are all InBEV, 3 had a far superior craft beer selection. If I want to go anywhere unique I end having to go downtown. Just sucks.

    • Mike

      I can really echo your sentiment. I feel the exact same about things lately in our area. I’m 26, and can’t go to Whitlows or Clarendon Grill unless I want to be shoulder-to-shoulder with frat bros and Miller Lite. Jays and Galaxy Hut are really all that I’m going to anymore, though Wilson Tavern was a nice change. But they f–ked that up already.

    • dirty biker

      Errr Galaxy Hu…. oh wait, you’re right. Go downtown.

  • courthound

    I can’t believe that Mad Rose continues to survive in my restaurant death pool.

    • CW

      Mad Rose, Larry’s, and Rabbit have busted my Clarendon restaurant bracket.

      • Rabbit Lvr

        I actually liked Rabbit the couple of times I’ve eaten there. They’re flank steak dinner is the way to go. I thought the salads were overpriced and mediocre though

        • CW

          I don’t dislike it. I’ve been to a couple events they catered. I just don’t see them doing much business and the rent, if not too damn high, is still damn high.

          • J

            If only ATR would leave.

            As for Rabbit, they seem to do a good clip with the lunch crowd, which is something their neighbors can’t really say. A lot of sit downs need to make their money on one meal; Rabbit seems to have okay business for two, so I don’t think they’re much worse.

          • yum

            What’s wrong with ATR?

      • GreaterClarendon

        I went by Mad Rose Tavern last week, and it was the only packed restaurant – must have been some Memorial Day tie-in, but it was crowded.

        • AH

          Went with friends once and after it took 40 minutes on a non-busy night to get the app we ordered and our beer orders were mixed up with someone else’s – we have not been back.

    • Southeast Ben

      cheap beer and plenty of outdoor seating = survival on the R-B corridor.

      • courthound

        Restaurant 3 had both, but not together. You could sit outdoors and pay full-price for beer or sit inside and get $3 beers.

    • novasteve

      I actually have a sliver of respect for them due to their outdoor area that isn’t entirely hostile to smokers. Though they are big enough for a ventilated area inside.

  • novasteve

    I listen to LBC and they have advertisements for Stella Artois “Cidre”. Do they have this in the US and is it as bad as their beer? Reminder to “Tavern” people. Stella is CRAP belgian beer. It is their budweiser.

  • TuesdaysChild

    I wanted to like 3. But the food was very average, and the interior space was awkward. Dining room was broken into two smallish rooms; bar was long and narrow, leading to nowhere.

  • TuesdaysChild

    I forgot to add: “and yet the Cheesecake Factory continues on…..”

  • novasteve

    Why is it they can have dive bars in Manhattan but not in Arlington? How high can the rents be here?

    • HP2000

      For one thing, in NYC the bars don’t have to serve food so they are not tethered to restaurants and all the overhead associated with them.

  • Tre

    Wouldn’t mind a Chop’t moving into Clarendon

    • novasteve

      I only get food poisoning there 1 out of 15 times I’ve gone. Not bad.

      • Tabs

        Why would you go back to a place that made you ill?

  • brandon

    can we close la tasca and cheesecake factory too?

    • novasteve

      So they can be replaced by La Tasca Taverna and Cheesecake Tavern?

      • Aaron

        Now THAT was actually amusing.

  • danielclar

    Why another restaurant? Retail wouldn’t be a bad idea. Besides the South Moon Under/Joseph A. Banks cluster by barnes and Noble, there aren’t many clothing stores in Clarendon, at least compared to the number of restaurants/bars A banana Rpublic or something similar would do so well there, no?

    • novasteve

      I wouldn’t mind a bowling alley in N. Arlington, I realize this place is too small. But they would make it one of those new snob/trendy bowling alleys like they have in Rockville or Philadelphia. I mean like old school bowling alley with nasty greasy food and cheap beer. Back in the days before the government started treating citizens like children, my dad took me to a bowling alley in Wheaton, MD probably in the late 1970s, where the guy working the front was eating pizza, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer out of a plastic cup. I miss those days.

      • outoftowner

        There is one in Falls Church

      • CourthouseChris

        There is a bowling alley in North Arlington…

      • AH

        There’s a bowling alley with nasty greasy food at Fort Myers. Five minute drive. You’re welcome.

      • Chinny McChipstah

        Love this idea novasteve-how about duck pinbowling? The last remaining duckpin bowling alley in the vicinity is in White Oak, Md…tucked into a strip mall-doesn’t take up much space but so fun…especially w/cheap beer!

    • CW

      Because people can go to one of the half-dozen malls within 30 minutes of there and take their pick from dozens of such stores all in one location.

    • PB

      Agreed…more retail is needed. I hate going to the mall every time I need to buy a pair of socks.

  • karzai

    We do need a good Italian restaurant, even it it has a Spanish owner. don’t know if the one moving in fits the definition of a good Italian restaurant, but let’s hope.

  • karzai

    Props to anyone who finds out who bought out Market Tavern and is going to open there.

    • Richard Cranium

      Sam’s II – The Sequel!

      • karzai

        I am Sam. Sam I am. I don’t eat green eggs and ham.

    • nom de guerre

      Sam of Sam’s Corner fame.

      • nom de guerre

        Failed to refresh before posting comment. It was rude and disrespectful of me and I apologize to the community for my redundant and vibrant comment.

        • karzai

          Time to get some new material.

          • drax

            You just reset the clock, again!

  • BringOnTheHaters

    How about a CrossFit gym goes into that location! 🙂

  • novasteve

    Let’s not forget that the Royal Lee got knocked down so it could be replaced by a plywood framed apartment building! Yay arlington!

    • Antwon Fisher

      No one who’s been there will ever forget the Royal Lee.

  • Brown Flip Flop Owner

    Check out the new Wilson Tavern, good happy hour with large cocktails and cheap beers.

  • MC

    There is a lot of competition, and too many restaurants are doing similar things, especially offering American fare and expecting to make their money on alcohol. In my observation, the best patronized restaurants are ones that serve a diversity of food, including lighter fare that appeals to weigh conscious dinners, and is friendly enough to bring kids to.

  • truli

    anyone know who owns and/or manages Velocity 5 in the Courthouse neighborhood? we’ve lived here for years and never had trouble with noise. tbut his place is keeping neighbors up each night well past 2 am. drunk patrons, managers? and their friends screaming. the outdoor bar is in the courtyard under a roof and echos back to residences. it should never have been allowed. every night. whats the best process to close down the outdoor bar. its too close to residences. outdoor seating would be acceptable but not the bar. this place is out of control. neighbors call the police every night. unfort the bar has a police radio which alerts them to calls. they turn down the loud outdoor music and get everyone inside before the police show up. the crowd outside seems to be mostly big beefy african guys who are friends of the managers? very very loud and obnoxious. outdoor music is to be turned off at 10 pm. rarely happens. we are all tired of not being able to get to sleep till way after 2 in the morning. any suggestions?
    tanzania truli

    • novasteve

      Imagine if you lived in Manhattan. I had to sleep with ear plugs in. This is part of life. Deal.

      • deal?

        Hark to the one who was complaining about the noise from a few motorbikes last week!

      • drax

        Except the poster doesn’t live in Manhattan.

    • AH

      Work through your neighborhood association to request a regular police driveby without police radio use/

    • not your bro

      Contact the Clarendon-Courthouse Civic Association as a place to start. Contact info for all the neighborhood associations is on the county’s website here:

  • Arlingtron

    We could have Aegean Tavern back. Mediocre, overpriced Greek food. Owner can holdout against developers interested in the entire block only to sell once the new building opened.

    I think the area needs more restaurants with expensive remodeling, over-priced and over-described food, and surly servers. Cuisine should be pizza and/or burgers. Beers should be more than $6. Can’t find enough of this in the area.

  • la cucaracha

    For the love of god, no more tapas!! Can we please get more tex-mex along the R-B corridor?

  • Matt B

    Where will I get my pulled duck sandwich? :’)

    Time to open a food truck guys…

  • Brad

    Arties – please!

  • This is sad in a lot of ways, but especially for the folks losing their jobs. I’m sure some will get absorbed into Whitlows, but there are still many that will need placement. Neighboring restaurants are working to find jobs for these folks. If you are reading this and have a position open, please email Jon – [email protected].

  • Mike

    This is Restaurant Darwinism working at what it does best: weed out the poor and mediocre with an eye to keeping the fittest alive.

    It would be nice to have more places that serve good food, decent portions at reasonable prices. I’m tired of all the “chic” eateries and the chefs putting out tiny portions of bizarre combinations at astronomical prices and expecting the public to flock to them and bow down to the culinary gods. It’s just this type of thing that made 3 go the way of so many.

    Now let’s get something in there that will last!

    • James

      This area is definitely one of those that believes it’s ‘richer’ then it is. In reality besides the Lyon Village area, most of Arlington still is average at best.

  • James

    I hope a ‘Great American Restaurant’ takes over the space. That would certainly shake things up.

  • anonymouse

    The food was horrible and the bartenders and patrons in the bar area were all major d-bags. Glad it’s gone.


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