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Pete’s New Haven Apizza Coming to Clarendon

by ARLnow.com April 14, 2010 at 12:00 pm 4,813 20 Comments

We just told you about Fire Works Pizza, the huge new wood-fired pizza restaurant that’s coming to Courthouse. Now, a tipster tells us that yet ANOTHER specialty pizza restaurant is on the way.

Pete’s New Haven Apizza, currently of Columbia Heights in the District, will lease a storefront in the new Clarendon Center development. Co-owner Joel Mehr confirms that Pete’s is hoping to open the Arlington restaurant — its third in the D.C. area — at some point this winter.

Washingtonian said the slices at Pete’s are “not only the best in town; they’re worthy of comparison with the best in the country.” Pete’s even got a glowing endorsement from President Obama last fall… seriously.

Mehr says the new Pete’s will likely feature a larger beer and wine menu than the Columbia Heights location.

Between American Flatbread, Faccia Luna, Liberty Tavern and — soon — Fire Works Pizza and Pete’s, locals will have plenty of pizza options.

Writes our tipster: “Clarendon will be the pizza capital of Arlington…  I hope there are enough eaters to go around.”

  • Tom

    As far as pizza in Clarendon, there is also Goody’s across from Metro – great for a casual slice and Liberty Tavern, which has their own wood-fired pizza that is quite good. So, we in Clarendon are covered for good pizza ! Now, if only someone would formulate an *authentic* Philly Cheesesteak!

  • Thes

    The quality of a neighborhood can be measured by multiplying the number of its pizza restaurants by the number of its Irish pubs. Looks like Clarendon could soon reach over a score of 50!

    • MB

      But every fake Irish pub gets a negative value, so there’s some trouble right there. And then you have to (sadly, I really don’t want to) deduct for Mario’s, which serves up some of the worst pizza I’ve ever had. (I feel guilty just typing that. But still.)

      • GinoTheGinny

        seriously bro-ski. Mario’s, that’s garbage. One square of that, and I’ve had my monthly cholesterol intake and then some. GTL, and Pete’s, that’s how I roll.

  • Chris

    Boulevard Woodgrill doesn’t do pizza. But they are owned by Faccia Luna who does. And yes, Liberty Tavern makes great little pizzas. And don’t forget the Italian Store down the street.

  • Don’t forget the California import Zpizza, which is solidly in Lyon Park on Washington Blvd. across from Tallula…

  • Kerry

    PIola just down Wilson a ways toward Rosslyn makes a mighty fine pie!

  • K

    Cafe Pizziola on 23rd St in Crystal City has the best pizza of all. Mmmmm.

  • Gail

    Yeah, but it is REAL pizza?? would you even know what real pizza if you haven’t had a pie from Northern NJ.

  • VSpot

    If you want very real NY style, try Goody’s; if you want very real Italian style, try Piola. Didn’t know we had a ZPizza…sounds like lunch for tomorrow.

  • F

    Goody’s is ny style inspired, but definitely not NY pizza. I’m from NJ and am yet to find something that comes even close to the pizza from up there.

  • Arlington Observer

    Best NY style pizza is at Palisades Pizza on MacArthur Blvd. I don’t think even the Italian Store is true NY Pizza. And I’m from the Bronx. That said, I have yet to try Pete’s, so this is good news.

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  • Jess T

    Best place to grab a slice in Clarendon is goodys hands down, They have the 20″ pies and its the closest to NY style, also there open till 3am great to go after the bars from Thursday to Saturday. i agree tho that liberty tavern has good gourmet pizzas but if you just want a slice i recommend goodys less than 20 feet from the metro.

  • David S

    It won’t be authentic New Haven style pizza if there isn’t a line around the block to get in at dinner time and you are allowed to drink beer in the line. Pepe’s!!

  • empee

    Ugh, people need to piss off already with their regional food allegiances. Who honestly believes that in this day and age, you can make a better freaking cheese steak sandwich just because you’re in Philadelphia.

    If someone from New York opens a pizza shop in DC, how is that any different from “NY-style” pizza beside the fact that their geographic location has changed?

    Just shut up and eat it.

    • GinoTheGinny

      it all comes down to the ingredients. quality, freshness, and a consistent supply line from reputable distributors.

  • GinoTheGinny

    smell my armpits, they small like garlic. Fuggedaboutit!

  • melissa

    There is no better place for a slice or a whole pie, Goodys Pizza is the best, the owners are the nicest people you ever meet and the food is great you get your moneys worth, their subs are so great you have to really hungry or one of their salads. The location across from Clarendon metro is the best easy access to all clarendon.

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