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ART Bus Fire Caught on Video

by ARLnow.com May 10, 2010 at 7:11 pm 2,171 8 Comments

Update on 5/11 — A county spokesperson says the fire was “electrical in nature” but an exact cause won’t be determined for another week or so.

An ART bus caught fire on Pershing Drive near Ft. Myer around 6:15 tonight. We’re told the intense flames were extinguished by 6:30, but not before causing some major traffic backups. There were no passengers on the bus and the driver managed to escape safely before the bus was fully engulfed. Special thanks to the tipster who sent us this dramatic video.

  • Bob

    I’m assuming you would have mentioned if there had been passengers in it…

  • Tipsternewsnow

    There was no one on the bus

  • lily

    Wow! What on earth would make a bus burn like that? Did the fuel tank explode? So glad no one was hurt!

    On another note… I love the idea of taking the bus to work. But garage parking at my office is only $150 a month, and the ART buses are slow, infrequent, generally inconvenient, and apparently also prone to spontaneous combustion. I hate driving, but sad to say, I hate taking ART even more. 🙁

  • John

    I love the comment of “I can’t believe the Fire Department isn’t here yet.” Do you think a fire breaks out and bam they show up. 911 gets called, puts call in, then calls them. It takes some time. Thats like saying the police didn’t stop the robbery. Were they to know it was happening.

  • Katie

    Wow. On the news they said “near Ft. Belvoir.” How hard is it to get that right?

    I feel sorry for ART. I love the little green buses but have found them to be fairly unreliable. The drivers are rather lax about starting their routes at the appointed times, and then they’re all relaxed and chatty when they switch drivers mid-way on a route. What’s up with that?

  • Katie

    “But garage parking at my office is only $150 a month”

    Only? Lily, that sounds like quite a lot to me, particularly considering wear and tear on the car, gas, risk of accident, etc.

    • lily

      Apartment to office is 5 miles. I can drive that distance in 15 minutes, at a cost of oh, one extra tank of gas a month. My car is paid off and I intend to drive it into the ground, so, ‘wear and tear’ doesn’t really factor in. And taking transit isn’t free — $60-$90 a month depending on how many days I miss the bus and have to take Metro. Unfortunately, the extra 45 minutes of my life each day that it takes me to commute by bus just does not make up for the $100 I save by not having a parking pass.

  • Karim

    Another ART bus caught fire on June 7, 2007: http://www.arlingtonva.us/departments/Communications/PressReleases/page11690.aspx — the press release suggests it was an issue with the brakes on that one.

    Does anyone think this video would be much more effective if, say, they used the sound effects from the Smoke Monster on “Lost” as the soundtrack? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKGeCZgqXa8&feature=related


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