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VOTE: Arlington’s Cutest Dog (Group A)

by ARLnow.com June 22, 2010 at 1:36 pm 3,642 63 Comments

Get your vuvuzelas out, it’s finally here. The first round of our Arlington’s Cutest Dog contest has begun.

Below you’ll find our first 12 contestants (out of 48). Take a look at the photos below, then make the jump to cast your votes (you can vote for up to three). The top vote-getter will advance to the final round, and the second place finisher will have a chance for an at-large bid.

Voting will end on Tuesday, June 29 at 2:00 p.m.

Here’s a reminder of what’s at stake in the final round:

  • Grand Prize: Apple iPad (courtesy of Siena Park, the new pet-friendly luxury apartment community on Columbia Pike)
  • Second Prize: $100 Wylie Wagg gift certificate (courtesy of Wylie Wagg in Clarendon, featuring healthy food and supplies for dogs and cats)
  • Third Prize: $50 Wylie Wagg gift certificate
  • All top three finishers will receive a soccer ball fetch toy from Wylie Wagg, in honor of the World Cup

Without further adieu, here’s Group A:

Vote for your favorites, after the jump.

  • Joe

    Can we get the bios up?

  • Shelley Estersohn

    Go Bailey!

  • diego

    Go Buster!

  • Nate

    Olive is adorable. Where did you find her?

  • Jurassic Marc

    What planet is Dora from (I voted for her/him/it)?


  • Andrew

    Yeah, where did you find her? I’ve seen a few Jack Russell / Chihuahua mixes before, and they have always looked kinda weird.

    • We have a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix too (they’re called Jackahuahua or Jack-Chi)- and he and Olive look quite different. I guess they vary in looks! Here are a few of him for comparison’s sake: http://bluzel.blogspot.com/2010/02/snowpocalypse-20.html. Many people mistake him for a min-pin.

      • Oh – and we rescued him from Lost Dog 🙂

        • Blaire

          Aww Rufus is cute! We got Olive from the Charlottesville Albermale SPCA. We think Jack Russell/Chihuahuas are such a great mix!

          • Thanks! We love the mix as well – he’s a great dog. We’ll be voting for Olive!

  • Jody

    Good luck Olive!!

  • Brandon

    Marley is the cutest dog ever! Good luck Marley no matter what you are already a winner.

  • Coop

    Clearly Bacon will win. I mean, doesn’t it always?

  • Blaire

    Go Olive! Cutest dog ever!

    • Auntie Jordy

      Ehhhh Hmmmmm. Her cousins are crying.

  • Go Polly!

    Polly is a rescue lab and has the sweetest disposition in the world! Please vote for her!

  • Kathy

    Good Luck Marley! You are the cutest little guy ever!

  • Christina

    Please vote for Mannylicious (Manny)!!!

  • Susan

    Good Luck Marley, you are the cutest dog in the WORLD!!!

    From Grandmamma

  • Anne

    I love Olive! She has such a fabulous personality!!!

  • Tara

    Bailey is such a love bug!!

  • Sasha

    They’re all cute! Hard to decide but the dog with the duck looks really sweet.

  • Winky’s #1 Fan

    Winky! Winky! Winky!

  • Amanda

    Bailey’s heart is as warm as his nose is cold in this picture. Please vote for him. And yes, I sleep with him, so I’m biased.

  • Ralph is such a character…. please check out his YouTube Channel PuggleRalph

  • Caydi

    Manny is the cutest!! Go Manny!

  • Auntie Jordy

    Gooooo Olive!!!!! You will win because you are so PITTTTTYYYYYY!

  • Anne

    Vote for the Pollywog!

  • Go Bacon!

  • Versha Gupta

    Good Luck

  • Sheri

    I guess I should put a plug in for my doggie! Sadie is a gentle, loyal rescue dog (we got her from Friends of Homeless Animals) with a quirky personality. Vote for Sadie and help this lady pup with a beard feel like a beauty queen!

  • Kirby

    Winky is adorable!

    I also like Buster and Dora for my 2nd and 3rd votes. 🙂

  • Katie

    Would help to say where the dog came from. I’m voting for dogs I think probably came from the pound.

    Don’t breed or buy while homeless animals die!

    • Chris M.


      If it helps, Bacon is a sweet mutt, left anonymously at the Richmond Animal League after her owners found out she had heart worms and couldn’t afford the treatment. She is recovering nicely and is happily terrorizing all the squirrels in our backyard.

      • Sheri

        Shelter dogs are great! Sadie is from a rescue group. She was timid and awkward at first. It took a few month for her personality to come out, and now she’s like a different dog. I try to encourage people to rescue dogs but a lot have the perception that they are damaged goods and can’t be turned around. It’s sad.

  • Barbara

    Go Bailey! We love you!

  • Janice

    Manny is the cutest and grandma loves her! Go Manny

  • Sam

    I always favor a pug since I am a pug owner myself. Dora is adorable. Pugs love clothes!

  • Tammy

    Hmm. How did Buster go from 67 votes to 133 votes in less than 5 minutes? Let’s not cheat, people.

    • The service we’re using to run the contest has protections against cheating. One scenario where votes could increase that quickly is if someone sent a link to a large contact list.

  • Joe

    Any word when round 2 will go live?

  • Jean

    Good Luck Olive, Grandma loves you……..

  • Karen

    Dublin came to us from the Potomac Lab Rescue. She was a stray and then in a shelter in southern VA. She has become a most wonderful companion!

  • Patricia

    Go Marley

  • Jen

    I babysat Marley when he was but a pup. <3

  • Ria

    GO Buster.. He is a very Cute Chi 🙂

  • Aaron

    Buster is the cutie!

  • Jason

    Go Buster!!!!!!

  • Arun

    Best of luck Buster

  • Lisa

    Sadie is very cute and looks so sweet. She gets my vote!

  • Cindy



    I really LOVE Bacon!!

  • Boomer


  • Contest winner

    hey buster, stop playing with the cookies.

    • B

      Looks as if you have already tried that, It doesn’t work on this side… Buster is just to cute and has tons of fans… Don’t be a sore loser… Its a fair game…

  • Greg

    Get a Life. Contest Winner. Go Buster!

  • Laughing

    Whatever you say, buster!

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  • Melissa Q

    Sadie is adorable!

  • Rebecca

    I think Buster and Dublin are very cute.. So is Dora

  • Jonathan

    While at work, I let out a very loud high-pitched “awwww” while scrolling past Dora’s picture. I had to vote for her. 🙂


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