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VOTE: Arlington’s Cutest Dog (Group B)

by ARLnow.com June 23, 2010 at 1:59 pm 5,312 80 Comments

After Team USA’s heart-stopping stoppage-time win, you may not think you have any energy left to become emotionally-invested in another thrilling competition. But with faces like these, how can you resist?

Vote for the pooch you think should advance to the final round of our Arlington’s Cutest Dog contest (you can vote for up to three), after the jump.

Voting for Group B will end on Wednesday, June 30 at 2:00 p.m.

Here’s a reminder of what’s at stake in the final round:

  • Grand Prize: Apple iPad (courtesy of Siena Park, the new pet-friendly luxury apartment community on Columbia Pike)
  • Second Prize: $100 Wylie Wagg gift certificate (courtesy of Wylie Wagg in Clarendon, featuring healthy food and supplies for dogs and cats)
  • Third Prize: $50 Wylie Wagg gift certificate
  • All top three finishers will receive a soccer ball fetch toy from Wylie Wagg, in honor of the World Cup

Good luck to all the contestants!


    Is this blog trying to attract the Sorority Girl Clarendon Ballroom demographic. FREDTERP

    • Yes, it is. The more sorority girls who read the blog the better. And let’s face it, they’re probably not coming here to read about HOT lanes or the change-of-government initiative.

  • There’s my girl. VOTE FOR PENNY!!!

  • Gwendolyn

    Vote for Fred the dachshund! We adopted him from Dachshund Rescue 5 years ago.

    • suzanne

      I agree he is VERY CUTE!!!

  • Sheri

    Oh jeez, there’s a dog with a baby! I’m glad my dog isn’t in this group!

  • James

    Cleetus is the man!

  • The dog with the baby needs all the more attention. Give her some love folks.

  • Mike Forestell

    Go Gordy, Maggie and Fala wish you lots of luck.

  • Alisa

    Vote Mago. She’s the cutest and sweetest!

    • Stanley

      Mago has socks!

  • Go Mago! Your best friend Shinobu the cat is cheering for you. (Mago loves my kitty)

  • Gordy is sooo cute!

  • Megan

    Go Gordy!!

  • Lorraine

    Fred’s the best!!!!

  • Taryn

    Go Gordy Go!

  • Prince

    Showin’ some love to Gordy and Bella! Make us proud!

  • MED


  • Ellie

    Gordy is the cutest!!! GO GORDY!!!

  • Puffy

    Cute as ever!

  • Mary

    Good luck to Mylo and Seabass!

  • Barb

    Vote for Penny!!!!! She is so cute and feeling a little displaced with the new baby in the house. I’ve seen even cuter pictures! She is an awesome big sister to her human sibling.

  • Mojo

    Mago is cute!

  • Becky

    You’re so cute, Charlie!! 🙂

  • MS

    Cleetus kind of rocks. Wish I knew what kind of dog he was!

  • Holly

    Go, Charlie, Go!!!

  • Belle

    Hi Fred–You are SOOOO cute! I’m a red dachshund-mix who just moved to Northern VA from Georgia (hence my name). Do you have a girlfriend? I’m so envious of your bonnet! xoxo, Belle

  • Fred’s fan

    Everyone vote for Fred! He worked on a puppy mill in Arizona as a “stud” before being rescued by his family in Arlington. He’s quite the ladies’ man!

  • Sylvia

    Fred’s a STUD, he’s got my vote!

  • Vickey

    Charlie !!! All the way !

  • Ricco Sauve

    Cleetus all the way!!!

  • zlmidnight

    go fred!!!!!!!

  • Carrie

    Fred I would like for you to meet my dog daughter, Hope Louise

  • KimB

    Vote for Seabass. I knew he was special the minute I met him. He is a HART rescue dog. Came from a bad county in MD. Rough start in life but now he has it made! Love him and miss him. Former Foster Mom.

  • Marcus


  • Lindsay

    Bella you are the most beautiful!!

  • Harrison

    Fred needs to refuse wearing that dumb hat, it kills his cred.

  • Rachel

    YAY Charlie!!!!

  • Jeanine

    Mylo, I miss your cute face!

  • Mike

    Cleetus is a sweet little guy. Not sure what breed he is exactly, because he is a rescue. He definitely has some hound in him though – he likes to howl at us when he gets angry (it is kind of adorable).

  • Troy

    Gordy is the cutest!!

  • Lara

    I rescued Daisy about 9 months ago and regardless of what the poll shows she will always be the cutest dog ever. She was going for a “Daisy Fuentes look” – the bow as a flower behind the ear, sassy – but perhaps that didn’t translate…she’s more Daisy Duke anyway.

  • hope louise

    Fred you look soooo cute with your baby bonnet but maybe you are a little old for it.

  • Fred the dachshund

    Dear Hope Louise, Belle, and others,

    If you ever want to borrow my bonnet, just let me know! I typically wear it on Easter. Right now I’m sporting a fashionable summer sun hat. I don’t have a lot of hair so I have to protect my skin! Safety first. xoxo Fred

  • Marcie

    Gordy is the cutest!!!!

  • Daniel Johnson

    Go Fred!!

  • Nary Kate Johnson

    Fred is everyone’s favorite!!

  • Elaine Gross

    To me you will always be a winner. You are so sweet.

  • Katie

    You dog people are certifiable.


  • Norah

    Go Mago, win this thing!!!

  • Liz

    Love you, Daisy! You’re the cutest little girl on the scene 😉

  • paula

    Ooooh lala I love me some Chooooolate…You go Gordy.. 🙂

  • Cin

    Mylo is Da Man. He’s flaunting his come hither look. Too CUTE! Go Mylo!!!

  • PaulaR

    GO FRED!!! Who can resist a red short-haired Doxie! Woohooooo~

  • Lola

    This is not a fair contest. Penny should not be allowed in this contest. All the other dogs are by themselves, but Penny is with a baby. Some people will not vote for the cutness of Penny, but more for the cutness of the baby. Somebody might think, “Ooh, I like babies, I’ll vote for Penny because she is with a baby.” This contest is unfair.

    • Kelly

      Lola, seriously, you are criticizing the “fairness” of a cutest dog contest. This is all in good fun. Let’s simmer down a bit. For your reference, multiple pics of Penny were provided in “telling her story” and the arlnow.com folks picked which to use.

  • Gwen

    Go Daisy!!

  • christine

    too cute!!

  • Dustin

    I agree with Lola. This is not a fair contest.

    Fred should not be allowed in this contest. All the other dogs are not wearing hats, but Fred is wearing a hat. Some people, including canine haberdashers, will not vote for the cutness [sic] of Fred, but for the cutness [sic] of the hat. Somebody might think, “ooh, I like hats, I’ll vote for Fred because he is wearing a hat.” I agree with Lola, this contest is unfair.


  • Olivia

    Yea Mago! You’re the cutest and the best!

  • Marlo

    Let’s go Lucy

  • Steven Lurkel


  • Marty

    Very cute!!!! especially wrapped up in the blanket.
    Good luck.

  • Ellen Nelson

    Go Mago!

  • Joe Nelson

    Mago is cutest by far!

  • Lucy in the skyyyyyyyy…..

  • They’re all cute, but MYLO ROCKS!

  • MYLO is so adorable!!! I have actually met him and he has a wonderful personality and is g eat with kids. He allowed my 3 and 5 year old boys pet and hug him…he was like a stuffed pooch!! Now they want a Mylo! Mylo, let me know when you find “the one” so we can put dips on a puppy!! Hugs and good luck!!

  • Keli

    Lucy’s the winner in my book!!

  • Fetch! Pet Care voted for Penny!!!

  • Liz

    Mylo is adorable and cuddly; just like a plush animal but full of life! You don’t see any like this one around!

  • Vicky

    Mylo is so interesting looking! Cute.

  • A

    I Love Lucy!

  • Edward


  • Brenda

    Mylo, Mylo, Mylo!

  • Brenda W.

    Way to go Mylo!

  • Sheila

    He’s so cute!

  • Pat

    Look at Mylo, too cute.

  • Charmaine

    Vote Mylo, look at that face 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Who won’t love a face like that?


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