Long Lines at Clarendon Apple Store for iPhone 4 Debut

by ARLnow.com June 24, 2010 at 6:09 pm 3,541 9 Comments

There were long lines outside the Clarendon Apple Store from the early morning to the late afternoon today, as the tech-obsessed made their almost yearly pilgrimage to the local branch of the Church of Steve Jobs. After conquering the queue, happy customers emerged from the store with the brand new iPhone 4, the latest iteration of the beloved smartphone.

Throughout the day, disbelieving reports from Twitter kept the socially-networked apprised of the line length.

At 5:30 a.m. one person reported there were 200 people in line. At 8:00, that swelled to 400. At 4:00 p.m., as the skies grew darker and rain seemed imminent (it only actually sprinkled for a few minutes), Apple store employees handed out umbrellas to many of the 100 people in line.

Finally, around 6:00 p.m., people started reporting that the line was dying down.

During the event, people with cameras could only get one or two shots off before being told forcefully by security guards that photography was not allowed inside or outside the store.

  • Thes

    Photography not allowed *outside* the store? Public access easement says otherwise.

    • MB

      Seriously. All those supposed tech-heads, and no one told the No Pictures crowd to bugger off? Disappointing.

      • ArlingtonAaron

        I’m with you guys… I’d love to hear more from Arl Now on this… if the Apple folks wanted you out of their store, that’s one thing, but shooting from the sidewalk is totally allowed.

        Perhaps the property company is trying the same tack that they did in Silver Spring a few years back by saying that a public property development owned by a single company is somehow private property? If so, I’d say that a photographer flash-mob, news coverage, and an investigation by the county board would be in order.

        Or perhaps just a quick apology, and a promise to re-train guards and never let it happen again would be easier.

        • Tom

          The sidewalk and street in front of the Apple store is private property (which is why they can manage and price the parking meters there as they see fit). I’m sure there must be some kind of public easment on that sidewalk but am no lawyer so can’t really say if photography is covered.

          • Thes

            Tom, the sidewalk is covered by a public access easement.

    • Mike

      For once Thes, I concur. But then again most of those fools waiting for overpriced crap probably enjoyed being bossed around by Big Brother’s henchmen. Fanboi lemmings

      • Marty


  • charlie

    I do not think there is an easement on that road.
    The Silver Spring case was very similar and the evil developer LOST. There is an understanding that this is a semi-public space and therefore a different standard applies than on totally private property.
    NExt time let’s do a flash mob of photographers.

  • Katie

    Agree with Marty.

    It actually looks like people are lining up for Chico’s. The latest Spanx just came out!


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