BGR The Burger Joint, Thai Restaurant Coming to Clarendon Center

by ARLnow.com July 20, 2010 at 7:31 am 3,696 40 Comments

The Clarendon Center development, future home of Pete’s New Haven Apizza and Tangy Sweet/Red Velvet, has signed two new retail tenants who will help satisfy the appetites of local residents and workers.

BGR The Burger Joint and Burapa Thai Restaurant are the latest businesses to sign leases at the still under-construction development, which is expected to be ready for occupancy by the end of the year.

This will be BGR’s second Arlington location. The now-busy Lyon Village store, which opened earlier this year, is only a mile away from the planned Clarendon location.

At the moment, less is known about Burapa Thai. It may be related to a string of Thai restaurants by the same name located out in the Northern Virginia exurbs.

Hat tip to @snackdecision for the heads up.

  • nygiants20

    A Dunkin Donuts would be awesome to have at the new Clarendon center!!!!

  • charlie

    will they have outdoor seating where we can makes lots of noise and drink late into the night?

  • Overrated

    The Burger Joint is overrated and too expensive. Elevation Burger is much better.

    • Mike

      The meat at TBR is REALLY flavorful but uber-greasy, and as you noted expensive.

      Elevation burger is decent, but five guys owns them both.

      • Five guys is way too greasy for me.

  • Chris

    Haven’t had BGR yet, but Elevation ain’t all that.

  • lily

    Is this the same burger chain that’s moving into the strip of stores across Fairfax Dr from the Ballston Metro? Where the 7-11 and the Subway are?

    • JR

      no – that’s Big Buns… they are pretty good. BGR is terrible and super pricey.

  • TuesdayChild

    The service at the Lyon Village BGR is terrible. The burger is ok; once it finally arrives with cold fries. I have been there 3 times, and I think that is it for me.

  • Greg

    BGR has good food but the prices are insane. Also, the wait time is way too long just to cook a burger.

    I prefer Elevation.

  • Not Impressed

    I was similarly not that impressed with BGR. I’d be hard pressed to come up with a reason to go there over Ray’s or Elevation–or even Five Guys, for that matter.

    • Mike

      Speaking of over-rated and expensive — Hellburger. And my last few trips to “The Steaks” haven’t been enjoyable. I think they’ve gone down a bit since the move to the new location.

    • Everytime I went to 5 guys the burgers were so greasy it made me sick to my stomach. Elevation is alright. I prefer BGR. The flame and the buns. I would rather have a burger cooked over an open flame anyday. And it does take awhile to get your burger, but its worth it to me. Big buns was ok, the bun wasn’t toasted tho, and it was soooo big.

  • Lou

    I know this has been touched upon on here before, but somewhat facetiously I would ask “Is anything being developed in Arlington other than restaurants?”

    • Mike

      True dat. Though I’ll take a restaraunt instead of a wireless phone store any old day.

      • North Arlington Common Sense

        Or in lieu of another unit of “affordable” housing for our “sanitation workers” or “custodians”. Sorry, but there is no chance a burger will terrorize our children on their way to Taylor or Science Focus.

    • Let’s Be Free

      The County has policies and practices that scare off most other types of retail. At least $300 million in grocery shopping, for example, gets pushed out of the County annually. When all retail sources are considered Arlington County is probably losing about $30 to $50 million dollars in sales tax revenue annually and who knows how much property tax revenue (that could have been generated from what are now vacant storefronts). Arlington is walkable for sure, only if your are walking to a places that generally sell over-priced, high fat and heavily salted prepared food. But just wait and you’ll be able to go by streetcar.

  • S

    I am glad to see that others agree with me on BGR. I was eager to try it when it was on the cover of the Washingtonian, but was really disappointed with it. Too expensive, too slow to get my burger, and when I finally got it, it just wasn’t that good…nor were the fries. Ray’s Hell Burger is the best around and Five Guys runs a close second (although Five Guys has better fries than Ray’s). Besides, didn’t BGR just open only a couple of months ago and they are already expanding?! I think these guys are more focused on franchising than building a good burger.

    How about a nice NY deli or something like that opening up in that space? It is amazing how many “gourmet” burger places are opening all of the sudden….can you say over-saturating the market?

    • Katie

      Cupcakes, burgers, and froyo, oh my.

      Yes, a NY deli would be great.

  • Danielle

    I agree – we need a deli. There aren’t any places to get good sandwiches in Clarendon that I know of.

    • Not So

      Earl’s is great.

      • S

        Yes, try Earl’s. Very good sandwiches, but not a deli.

        • Earls is good for fresh meat and sandwiches you won’t find anywhere else. The cuban is great.

    • Yep. Or decent bagels for that matter.

  • Cliff

    try the BRG in alexandria. it is excellent, never had a problem and go all the time. you do have to pay for quality though.

  • Grocery shopper

    I will trade all of the burger joints (save Ray’s) for a WEGMANS!

    ……that will never happen.

  • Trader Joes! A goldmine waiting to happen!

    • Skeptical

      Ain’t that the truth. TJ’s seems made to order for the kind of resident that Arlington development appears to invite. Almost everything they sell appears to be crap-free, too.

  • MC

    Hoping the Thai is good – currently have to go to Columbia Pike for good Thai food. R-B lacks good Asian restaurants in general, with one or two exceptions. It is so bad, you can probably order burgers at some of the Chinese restaurants. 🙂

    My wish, which I don’t expect others will necessarily share, if for a Teaism to open — that would offer some variety.

    • Skeptical

      If you’re willing to go as far as the Pike, try Thai Noy in Westover. I’ve never had a bad meal there.

    • TGEoA

      Unfortunatly the words “Good” and “Thai Food” just don’t coexist. Now their Vietnamese neighbors to the east know good eatin’

      • Skeptical

        You have to be able to enjoy setting your nose hairs on fire. But that seems to work for lots of folks.

  • TEGEoA

    I’m ok with spicy, but Thai food is just missing that extra kick that the French gave the vietnamese

  • LLG

    I’m with you about a Trader Joe’s–can’t we have something that’s still affordable but good quality? What a lost opportunity.

  • LP

    Fingers crossed for a GOOD Thai restaurant in Clarendon!

    • Defending Rien Tong

      It’s not bad! The curries are pretty good, and that’s usually what I order anyway.

      • LP

        I’ve only had Rien Tong once, but that was enough in my book. Should have figured out that it probably wouldn’t be great Thai as they also try to do Sushi as well.

        • Defending Rien Tong

          That’s been a recent development, and one I have not been interested in investigating.

  • All the burger joints are charging about the same. I have been to big buns and elevation and BGR. BGR has it so far, the one in Lyons Village. I prefer my meat cooked over a flame. And the rolls are great.

  • mjae

    There are only two places in DC that use prime grade, dry-aged beef: BGR and Rays. This is just about the highest quality, carefully prepared beef you can get – the only other places you can find it are at steakhouses like Ruths Chris, Rays, etc.

    Five Guys and Elevation are good for their price, no doubt, but their meat grade is one or two steps below – you are eating select or choice grade beef. The burgers are also always well-done (something you’d never do to a prime-grade burger) so their “juiciness” is actually just grease. I’m not saying they aren’t tasty, but to say that they’re better than BGR or Rays is a real stretch and I’d assume you just haven’t eaten a lot of good food before/your taste buds are screwed from eating too much garbage from McDonalds. Also, a cheeseburger at BGR runs you about 3 dollars more than one at Five Guys, which I think is a pretty damn fair price to pay for steakhouse-quality beef.

    Sorry, I’m just really passionate about burgers.


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