Volunteer Opp: Become a Puppy Foster Parent

by ARLnow.com July 22, 2010 at 1:41 pm 1,886 7 Comments

Could you care for an special needs puppy or kitten for a few weeks, then have the heart to let it go? Even if he or she is as cute as Cooper? If so, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington needs your help.

They’re looking for “dedicated, energetic and patient foster parents to care for underage and underweight puppies and kittens, nursing mothers, and ill or injured animals.” From the listing on Volunteer Arlington:

Foster parents will care for shelter animals in their own homes on a temporary basis, typically between four and eight weeks. The foster program is flexible, and is open to all types of people, regardless of work schedule. The time commitment may range from a few days to a few weeks, from a few hours a day to round-the-clock care, depending upon the age and situation of each fosterling. The League will provide all supplies, necessary training, and veterinary care.

Prospective foster parents must be 18 or over. The only other requirement for the job is dedication and compassion.

If you’re interested, contact AWLA volunteer coordinator Lindsey Moon at 703-931-9241, ext. 245.

  • North Arlington Common Sense

    See, THIS is what Animal Safety community should be doing. Finding homes for dogs who need them. It’s called the Animal WELFARE League. Not Animal Control, nor Animal Rescue. Animal WELFARE.

    What is nice about the AWLA in Arlington is that at root they think: What about the dog? What is best for the dog? Look past the “law”, and focus on what is “right”.

    I routinely run my dog off-leash in the parks and in my neighborhood. First of all, that is how dogs originally came to us–by choice and OFF-leash. Second, dogs need to understand how to function if somebody breaks into my house and the dog gets away.

    I can’t tell you how often my S.O. and I are harassed as we walk our dogs on the bike trail, in Madison Manor park, in Gulf Branch Nature Center, or the streets of Westover and Overlee. Every couple of days some organic food type whines about the “leash law” and how my well-trained German shepherd is “terrorizing” their 3-year-old in a Bugaboo. Maybe they should examine the plank in their own eye, and realize “you know, maybe I shouldn’t give my kid a big cookie when he holds it at a dog’s jaw level”. Street sense.

    Luckily, the AWLA in Arlington has the right priorities. One Friday afternoon I got off work early, so I took my shepherd out for a run with me. This ninny rides by on his bike, freaks at the cops, and says he’s calling “Animal Welfare” on me. He then gets on the phone, talks to these people, tells them where I am, and FOLLOWS me as he keeps calling AWLA.

    Do you know what happened? That’s right–NOTHING. 45 minutes later, he’s fuming as nobody comes to “cite” me. I say to him: do you seriously think AWLA has nothing better to do than to hassle someone exercising his German shepherd offleash. There are puppies to place in homes, and photo opportunities to organize. It’s called Animal WELFARE, not Animal CONTROL. Go to some other county if you want to hassle animal lovers–you’ll get nowhere here.”

    • D

      You lucked out that time my friend, Animal Control (which is also run by the AWLA, so your opening statement is incorrect), do cite for infractions of the leash law.

      Besides, even the best trained dog can zip off across the street to greet another dog or in pursuit of some prey and get hit by a car. But you keep fighting the man!

    • MB

      Pretty sure that North Arlington Common Sense is just one ongoing subtle (in relative terms) trolling effort.

  • Skeptical

    Letting your dog run off-leash to alarm and annoy people is not animal loving. It’s just you, Big Dog Owner, proving no one can tell you what to do and to hell with your neighbors, their children, *their* dogs (if smaller) and cats, and their right to walk through the park and the street without being afraid of attack.

    Any dog can attack and bite if it’s frightened or surprised, or even if its hunting instinct is suddenly turned on; I have a divot out of the back of my knee (inflicted by a German Shepherd, yessir, that I didn’t even know was folowing behind me) to prove it. Not only that, as D. said, your dog can run out in traffic, and then what have you proven? I, for one, have had it with people who think I shouldn’t “freak out” if a dog that weighs nearly as much as I do runs at me, barking, jumping up on me with its forelegs, while Mr. or Ms. Owner says “He’s FRIENDLY! He’s UNDER VOICE CONTROL!” (Yeah, right.)

    If you want to run your dog off leash, go buy a few acres in the country and knock yourself out, but stop trying to prove how right you are on the county’s roads and bike paths.

    By the way, AWLA did once upon a time surround and cite a whole posse of “animal lovers” who routinely congregated to turn their dogs off leash at Lubber Run, where I witnessed a Great Dane hurtling toward a screaming kid in a stroller while its owner was a hundred yards away in a picnic area drinking coffee. Hundred bucks a pop. It is a leash law, and it is on the books. If you have a problem with that, go to the board room and complain and see how far you get.

    • Please, people–

      Don’t feed the trolls.

  • Katie

    Yes, certainly a troll. I hope.

  • RestonRunner86

    On a lighter note: THAT PUPPY IS ADORABLE! I’m in love!


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