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Sat Truck Still Parked on Park Drive

by ARLnow.com August 3, 2010 at 9:33 am 2,284 25 Comments

Last week we gently poked fun at whoever called police to complain about a satellite truck that was illegally parked at Park Drive and South George Mason Drive. Well, guess what? The truck is still there, and people are still complaining about it.

Police received another call about the truck last night at 6:00. We checked it out and found not a single vehicle parked near it. We noted that the four hour zone parking restriction has already ended, so at that time the truck was actually legally parked.

Also of interest: There were no parking tickets visible on the truck’s windshield.

We called the company that operates the truck, PSSI Global Services, to find out why such an expensive piece of equipment has been parked on a random residential street for so long. The individual on the phone said a company representative would call back later that night. That, of course, never happened.

So the mystery of why the truck is parked there, and why people are so bothered by it that they’re still calling police, continues.

  • Steph

    Even if they are not breaking any laws — will this vehicle eventually have to be registered in VA once its parked overnight for x days (whatever the threshold is)?

  • TuesdaysChild

    Maybe the truck is from Mexico or El Salvador.

    • It has a California license plate.

      • TuesdaysChild

        Sanctuary parking!!! 🙂

  • Clarendude

    Is it possible it has something to do with a program at Barrett Elementary ? They seem to have some sort of TV program there (TigerTV as part of Project Interaction). They do internet broadcasts but I guess that doesn’t mean they need a satellite uplink.

  • charlie

    I thought the County had done an amazing and brilliant job redoing parking regulations so that commercial vehicles wouldn’t be parked in neighborhoods.
    Oh, right, the brains behind it didn’t think of everything. I guess if this truck were parked down on South Four Mile Run near Zimmie’s house, it would be towed by now since he did a good job getting rid of trucks in HIS neighborhood.

    • Thes

      Charlie, as you well know, the county code does prohibit commercial vehicles next to residential zoned property, but does not of course ban parking of commercial vehicles from the county altogether. The same rules apply countywide, just as much in, say, Cherrydale as it does in Four Mile Run.

      “It shall be unlawful for any person to park any commercial vehicle, except… while performing services… within or along any public street or highway of the County where the land abutting such public street or highway is *zoned for residential use* under the Zoning Ordinance…”


      From the photograph, it appears this vehicle is not parked abutting property zoned for residential use.

      There is another rule that prohibits any vehicle from being parked in the same place for more than 10 days.

      • charlie

        Fine, Thes. Then why hasn’t this vehicle been ticketed. Oh, because the rules aren’t enforced properly.
        Speaking of rules, this is the problem with Arlington when bright people try to manipulate the world — what does this mean: “and abutting such public street or highway is *zoned for residential use*” A quick review of the property would indicate that the truck is within feet of a single family home on R-6 property. That would seem to qualify.
        Why can’t people just simply accept that there is a truck illegally parked and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? It might not be “your problem” but it is important to this person and it impacts their life. Why do people need to judge them about not having jobs or getting a life — who knows they may have other things going on. Let it go and solve the problem.
        Oh wait that would be too compassionate, right?
        As for Cherrydale, aren’t they mostly mired in a fire station and a bunch of car dealers?

        • Thes

          Not sure why it hasn’t been ticketed for parking overtime. Maybe it has been ticketed and the operator has been removing the tickets and putting them in the glove compartment. (Some companies see such tickets as a cost of doing business.) Maybe the police are too busy investigating the violent child molester who appears to be loose in a nearby neighborhood to take time to investigate this vehicle. I fully support (unlike “Resident,” below) citizens who call in nuisances for police action, irrespective of what’s going on in their personal life. What I don’t support are baseless cries of corruption directed a particular board member for whom you seem to have some sort of personal vendetta.

          • charlie

            @Thes. Being a public figure has its ups and downs. My wife and family all support all Democratic candidates. Good supporters are allowed to question and, gasp, even criticize their leaders. Isn’t that a democracy? I know Zimmie does have thin skin, but he is the one who chose to run for office.

          • LisaC

            I don’t understand. If it shouldn’t be parked there why isn’t it being ticketed. If it were in front of my house (with 2 hour open parking) I would expect it be ticketed.
            THings that don’t belong in my neighborhood can be a nuisance. This is a nuisance and with California tags it isn’t an Arlington business and being parked in a residential neighborhood means it isn’t where it belongs.
            I feel bad for this person who has to deal with this nuisnace. I agree with Charlie that we should be more concerned about our neighbors and less concerned about a truck from California.

          • Oh give it up.

            @ “Charlie”, what is it about Chris Zimmerman that gets under your skin so?

        • And I bet . . .

          . . . if it were a truck from a Red State instead of apostate California, some of you would be less exercised (Charlie, LisaC) 🙂

          • charlie

            bad wager. no. i’m a blue blooded bleeding heart liberal democrat. red states suck.

          • And I bet . . .

            err, “charlie”, you said earlier that your wife and kids voted democratic, implying you did not . . .

          • charlie

            only because you suggest I’m not a democrat does this warrant clarification:
            I said:
            “My wife and family all support all Democratic candidates.”
            I didn’t say:
            “My wife and MY family EXCEPT ME all support all Democratic candidates.”
            Hard to type on my iphone at times so editing is poor, so maybe I should have said:
            “My wife, AND I and MY family all support all Democratic candidates.”
            I hope that clears it up because I don’t want to go to sleep being thought of as a Republican.

          • And I bet . . .

            except that I know who you are 🙂

          • charlie

            @and I bet… no, i don’t think you do or you would not have challenged my loyalty to the fundamentals of the democratic party. but feel free to call me to discuss. i suppose you have my phone number, right?

          • charlie

            For those who might care, no one has called me to say hi saw your notes on arlnow.

    • PTI

      It sounds like the issue is one of enforcement, not policy. Either the truck is or is not in violation of policy. If it is, people who are upset should call the police.

      And it sounds like they’re doing that. So, what do the police say is the reason this truck hasn’t been ticketed/booted/towed? That seems like the missing element of this story.

      (BTW, thanks for the link, Thes. It’s very helpful when comments are backed by sources one can read for oneself. Only in Arlington would blog posters know where to find the commercial parking policy.)

  • Resident

    There should be a rule that someone should have to be contributing to society by working at least 80 hours per week before being allowed to make these types of complaints.

  • charlie

    @resident… not sure I agree. if we can’t enforce the rule about overnight parking of commercial vehicles or the 4 hour time limit, why do we need a rule against limiting people and their efforts to keep their neighborhood safe and attractive?

  • Callie

    If the police are getting calls, they should ticket. The police rely on citizens to keep an eye out for these type of things in the lesser-patrolled areas. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for citizens to call and report violations. The reason people call is because they are bothered by lax enforcement. Don’t make fun of the callers. Tha fault lies with the police for ignoring the public who call with a legitimate complaint.

    Oh wait, the corrupt police union is too busy hiring felons to be bothered with their day jobs. Sorry, I forgot.

    • The Dude

      if there is no law being broken, why would they write a ticket on the truck?

      @ Chris, this truck is not classified as a heavy truck.

  • chris

    Arlington parking rules allow trucks to be parked near parks and schools. I see commercial vehicles parked there all the time. The question I would ask if this was my neighborhood is the street it is parked on zoned for heavy truck traffic?


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