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by ARLnow.com August 9, 2010 at 9:16 am 2,100 6 Comments

NWS: No Sign of Tornado in South Arlington — Despite photos of car windows blown out and mass tree devastation, a team from the National Weather Service found no evidence that a tornado caused the worst of the damage in South Arlington. More from Fox 5.

Arlington FBI Impersonator Sentenced — Arlington resident Brenna Marie Reilly, 29, who told people she was the director of the FBI’s Forensic Division and later convinced a neighbor to quit his job and serve as her assistant, was sentenced on Friday. She will serve 30 days in prison, four months of house arrest and three years of probation. More from the Washington Examiner.

Cat Fight Breaks Out Over Roaming Pets — In June, the Sun Gazette ran a opinion piece from someone who wasn’t too happy with his neighbor’s cat roaming in his yard. “Do I need my neighbors’ cat in my backyard when my wife and daughter are allergic?” he asked. Now, courtesy of the Huffington Post, we get a counterpoint. Blogger Tamar Abrams is apparently the owner of the offending feline. She shoots back: “For the record, his dog has peed on my yard. His dog has barked many times. But I can’t imagine complaining about that.”

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  • YTK

    He said she said.

    CATS BELONG INDOORS!! OR — allowed to go out in a cat-proof (can’t escape, no one can steal them) back yard!!!

    • Susan

      People that let cats roam around outside are irresponsible, and should not be allowed to have pets. Likewise, people that own dogs, and allow them to bark all the time, and/or pee all over anything and everything, are insensitive, and uncaring. The big difference here though, is that the people with cats that roam around outside, are putting the cats lives in danger! If that is beyond some people’s understanding, again, they should not have pets.

  • Darwin

    Hmmm…maybe I should come clean about not being the head of an aquatic research team and let my intern go.

  • SR

    I don’t mind outdoor cats I guess, but if one got into my yard (and if my dog was outside), the dog would surely go after it and possibly harm it. When it happens to wild animals, no big deal, I don’t mind disposing of a bird. But I’d feel so bad if it was a cat, presumably someone’s pet…..

  • Skeptical

    I have reluctantly come to feel the same way about outdoors cats; they’re just not safe in a community as congested — and as full of irresponsible dog owners — as Arlington has become. You could count on your fingers the number of people injured in any way by a roaming cat – usually rabies is involved — since cats tend to shy away from people, but a dog will come right at you, or any smaller animal or dog that is in reach, and the potential for damage is considerable. Same for the noise factor. And nost people I know with cat allergies have to be around one for several hours, or pick up the cat, to get a reaction; bellyaching about that is really reaching.

    So while I really have no issue if a neighboring cat sashays right through my back yard, dogs are a pain even if they’re confined outdoors by an owner who hasn’t trained them not to bark at every little thing, and running loose on the street or in parks, they can be dangerous. Dog owners tend to gripe that cat owners don’t have to follow the same rules, but it’s apples and oranges.

    It’d be nice if people could be objective and sensible about what’s best for the animals as well as their neighbors. What a revolutionary thought.

  • Clarendude

    I remember when growing up in the 70’s that every dog training book had a section on teaching your dog not to chase cars (usually involving squirt guns). As kids, we roamed the streets from age 5 and up along with the dogs. Somehow it all worked out. I do remember getting chased by a goose once. That was in Newport News (not an undense area – we could walk to the diner, gameroom and theatre).


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