Arlington Warns of Flooding Threat

by ARLnow.com August 17, 2010 at 3:15 pm 1,438 10 Comments

From Arlington Alert:

Arlington is under a flood watch beginning at 10 am on Wednesday, August 18 and lasting til 3 am on Thursday, August 19.  National Weather Service is predicting periods of rain that could produce local amounts of rain up to 2″ to as much as 3″


    Where was yesterdays storm. FREDTERP

    • JohnKettley

      Hopefully in the same place tomorrow’s will go! JOHNKETTLEY

  • JoshS

    I’m interested to see if there’s a way to blame this on the County Board like some did with the fire this morning and the sinking street.

    • charlie

      I just saw several of the County Board members skipping stones in the flooded section of Columbia Pike. Zimmie finally did something right and got his stone to skip EIGHT times. It was cool. I splashed them all with my car.

    • Let’s Be Free

      Interesting that you would want to open up a thread on stormwater retention and Arlington County’s weak to non-existent (Fairfax County is lightyears ahead) requirements of developers for the same …….

      • JoshS

        And we have a winner! Maybe the award should be called “Most Disgruntled”. I knew SOMEONE could take a simple article about a potential deluge (which seemingly isn’t as bad as was predicted) and turn it into something about the County Board.

        Thank you, LBF. I was beginning to worry but you restored my faith in that the habitually angry would show their faces. Bravo!

        • charlie

          and LBF is factually incorrect as well. arlington and fairfax stormwater is regulated by Virginia DCR.

          • Let’s Be Free

            If this is solely a state issue the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors in Fairfax County waste an awful lot of their time (unlike their counterparts in Arlington who do almost nothing).

            Actually Charlie I think you are confusing stormwater management with stormwater detention/retention. One is preventative and the other is palliative.

            Fairfax County is cited as a leader in the later says the EPA “For example, Fairfax County, Virginia, requires both storm water management (i.e., storm water volumecontrol) and storm water BMPS (i.e., storm water quality control) (Fairfax County, Virginia, 2000). This “treatment train” can help to improve the water quality of the overall storm water control system, particularly during the first part of a rain event when pollutants may be at their highest concentrations. may be located either upstream or downstream from the retention/ detention system. Fairfax County, which reviews storm water plans for new development, encourages planners to include sand filters or other water quality control devices upstream of an underground detention system.” So says the EPA. Fairfax is a pioneer.

            Arlington County say omigod we’re getting too much water, we got to raise everyone’s taxes to expand the sewage plant — let’s not even think about assessing developers for the new load they are putting on the system.

  • Hikin’ the Pike

    The watch is now set to start at 6am. [I blame everyone :)]

  • charlie

    U r correct. I do get them confused.


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