A Tea Partier’s Guide to Pizza in Arlington

by ARLnow.com August 23, 2010 at 2:46 pm 6,053 95 Comments

This weekend, as many as 300,000 conservatives from across the country will flock to the DC area to attend Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin’s Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

Many of the Tea Party activists who will be attending Saturday’s non-political event be staying at hotels in Arlington, so it’s important that they know the best places to eat! As such, we’ve compiled a guide to everybody’s favorite non-partisan food: pizza.

Thanks to the Maine Tea Party’s advice to members for navigating the multicultural environs of the greater Washington area, we have a pretty good idea of what Tea Partiers like. So, without further adieu, here are the top five places to go for pizza in Arlington (and none of them are on the dreaded Yellow Line!).

1. Lost Dog Cafe (5876 Washington Blvd) — Safely nestled in a small shopping district in North Arlington, Lost Dog serves not one but five types of white pizza. From the Popeye Pie, with spinach and chicken, to the Ricky Ricotta, described as a white pizza lover’s dream, Lost Dog has plenty of variety to satisfy even the pickiest eater. To wash it down, choose from Lost Dog’s great beer selection. Recommended choices include the Blue Moon White Ale, the Menocino White Hawk Ale, and Allagash White.

2. Pupatella Pizza (5104 Wilson Blvd) — Pupatella just opened its first brick and mortar restaurant to rave reviews. The restaurant is owned by Enzo Algarme, a legal immigrant from Europe an inspiring story! Forget the fancy gourmet pizzas on the menu, however. Instead, design your own made with Buffalo mozzarella imported from Naples and Pupatella’s homemade cream and garlic white sauce.

3. Piola (1550 Wilson Blvd) — Imagine yourself in a cozy Italian pizzeria when you visit this imported gem in scenic Rosslyn. Piola’s menu features an entire section devoted to Le Pizze Bianche, the original Old World pizza style. Just be glad you weren’t here when the World Cup brought out noisy crowds that insisted on challenging this country’s sport sovereignty by calling the game “football.”

4. Ledo Pizza (1501 Arlington Blvd) — Conveniently located in the Best Western near the Iwo Jima memorial, local chain Ledo Pizza serves reasonably-priced food that will remind you of neighborhood pizzerias back home. But here’s the twist: the pizzas are square. We recommend the Italian White Pizza, with garlic herb aioli, fontina, and a delicious blend of three cheeses. If you’re trying to feed a large group, check out the giant tray of Fettuccini Alfredo.

5. Mom’s Pizza (3255 Columbia Pike) — This one’s a little risky. Go here for lunch, but by all means avoid at night, when the illegal immigrants are done stealing American jobs for the day. It’s not near a Blue/Orange Line Metro station, so you’ll need to drive and, if possible, open carry a handgun. But if you do get there, you’ll love the herb-rich white pizza and the refreshingly All-American draft beer selection: Budweiser and Miller Lite ($2.45 and $2.55 respectively).

One quick “don’t go there” tip. Stay away from Clarendon’s American Flatbread. Between the frou-frou organic pizzas and the sign law-ignoring owner, this is a place to avoid.

Good luck and enjoy your stay in Arlington!

(Editor’s note: This article contained “advice” of a satirical nature. That said, all six places listed here are actually pretty good — some, in fact, are very good — and worth a visit from anyone visiting Arlington.

On a more serious note, do you think a few of those hundreds of thousands of Honor Restorers would be interested in attending Arlington’s 9/11 steel ceremony on Sunday? We hope the organizers are planning accordingly in case word gets around.)


    Showing your true political colors? Where was the guide for the Earth Day rally. FREDTERP

    • Don’t worry, we’re equal opportunity here.

      • Arlington

        Takes a pretty warped mind to equate the Tea Partiers with Earth Day.

      • Spock

        Where were your “guides” for the ANSWER anti-war rallies? Or the Pro-Immigration rights rallies who brought in way more people than the moronic t-baggers.

        No, you are not equal opportunity at all. You’re another t-bagger who is using his little blog to cater to t-baggers, it’s obvious.

        Besides, t-baggers are rude, cheap, don’t tip, whine and complain about everything and 90% of the country who are not t-baggers cannot stand them.

        All your Freedworks ads on here shows what you are doing.

  • I see you left off Pike Pizza (4111 Columbia Pike). It doesn’t serve pizza. Only delicious Bolivian food.

    • Anthony

      I doubt that the teapartiers are ready for Bolivian food.

      • Eponymous Coward

        They’re more open-minded than you think. Some might be perfectly happy to eat Bolivians. 😉

  • Lou

    I doubt anybody from out of town and staying in a hotel could find their way to Westover. *fingers crossed*

  • Greg

    The “white” thing was funny the first time, but you kinda took that joke and beat the hell out of it to the point that it just seemed oddly obsessive.

    • Lou

      I think the whole post qualifies as Low Hanging Fruit.

    • Silence

      Yes, the “white” joke was over-played, and not good in the first place. Would you make corresponding jokes about a rally attended primarily by African Americans?

      • It’s not about who’s attending the rally. It’s a reference to the demographic makeup of the areas that this particular guide is telling them to stay in / stay away from.

        • They’re saying stay away from the areas that have the highest crime rates. The article said nothing about race. I usually find it smart myself, to avoid areas where there’s high crime, no matter what city or country I am in!

          • Lily Hussein Pierre

            A TP blogger recommended that visitors stay only in: “If on foot or in a cab or bus, stay in Bethesda, Arlington (preferably north Arlington), Crystal City, Falls Church, Annandale, or Alexandria, or in DC only in northwest DC west…” So are you saying that SOUTH Arlington is crime-ridden and dangerous?

  • YTK

    What’s with all this bashing? American Flatbread doesn’t need any derogatory comments
    Westover is truly a great mom and pop store and family neighborhood.

  • Stacey

    Too bad Mom’s is in SOUTH Arlington. Don’t forget about Italian Store in good ole North Arlington where local All American Girl Sandra Bullock frequents when in town.

  • GK

    My home town is being invaded… am I allowed to fire up the militia to protect the Lost Dog from Tea Bagging ninnies?

    • JR

      i’m sure you meant that to be funny – but that’s vulgar. the folks are just trying to engage in the political debate… whether you agree with them or not – their right to be involved in the process makes America great.

      • Banksy

        Funny — I thought it was supposed to be a NON-political event. Isn’t it all about honoring the troops? Yeah, that’s the ticket. I’m sure we won’t see *anything* racist, anti-Obama, or incoherent (or all three!) on t-shirts or sloppily written on poster board that day…

        • JR

          ah – it’s non-partisan, not non-political. and real non-partisan, not fake non-partisan like arlington county school board elections.

          apparently – according to 1/2 of these postings – opposing President obama’s policies makes you a racist. if people actually believe that – that’s more in-line with true racism than anything i’ve heard in years.

          • JoshS

            Who said opposing Obama’s policies makes you racist? That’s right, no one said that. But nice try to deflect the argument. There are plenty of people who don’t like some or all of what Obama has done and they aren’t racist. But THIS group is full of racists.

            I guess some members of the KKK joined for the parties, not the lynchings.

  • Clarendude

    I was having lunch in Canada with a Dutch man who insisted that all the Americans he had ever met thought Italian cuisine consisted exclusively of Fettuccini Alfredo. He claimed there actually was no such Italian dish, or Italian going by the name of Chef Alfredo. I told him I was partial to Chef Boyardee myself, and that he was a real person (and that is actually true, only spelled Boiardi – saw it on the Food Network)

  • Westover

    I live in Westover AND plan on attending the rally…I will be sure to bring as many patriot, paying customers back on the Orange line as I can. Lost Dog and Stray Cat are only a mile walk from the EFC stop. 🙂

  • MB

    It’s a damn shame Whitey’s is closed. They could have used the money.

    @Westover – Does the Orange Line cease to be socialist transportation while the Tea Partiers are on it?

    • NorArl

      The roads and federally subsidized gas will also cease to be socialist.They will probably all baulk at the restaurant tax so maybe they should just stay out of Arlington all together.

      • Katie

        Whitey’s didn’t pay their taxes so it would have been an apt destination.

  • This article pissed me off. So people who want a “freer economy with less government intervention” (wikipedia) are racist? Wtf! Way to contribute to the way America is becoming divided! Nice job there, really.

    • AllenB

      No, those people are called Libertarians. The Teabaggers are the racists. C’mon, keep up.


    Wow…who the heck put together this list?
    Left off some obvious great pizza places like Joes Pizza and Pasta, The Italian Store and Faccia Luna.

    I have lived in Arlington all my life and those are the only places to get GOOD pizza. Lost Dog is good too though.

  • PRA

    Don’t they know this is the People’s Republic of Arlington? Why are they staying here? I certainly hope I don’t meet up with any of them. The horror! (I liked the white pizza satire….).

  • charlie

    do any of these places have white whine?

    • plenty o’that

      Dude, all of Arlington is loaded with that. And yeah, I know your question was rhetorical, but it deserved an echo.

  • Let’s Be Free

    Kind of surprised you didn’t recommend they stay at the Pentagon/Ronald Reagan National Airport Best Western — we know nothing bad happens there.

    Actually my mother-in-law is a tea partier. She’s been known to do ridiculous things like volunteer to teach English to hispanics imprisoned for murder at the local maximum security prison, and room and board Hurricane Katrina refugees gratis — and she prefers Mexican, so when in town we usually take her to Don Pablos, Chevy’s or the El Paso Cafe.

    I guess you were looking for a laugh by putting forward ridiculous stereotypes so ha, ha.

    • Katie

      How about Tea Bagging? Where does she stand on this important issue?

      • TGEoA

        Well, where do you stand on facials?

  • SS

    Should I be worried that so many Arlingtonians are defending the tea party? I thought we lived in one of the most well-educated cities in the country…

    • Silence

      Some people benefited from their education by learning not to reflexively demonize people who they disagree with. Whether that should worry you, I don’t know.

    • Efrem

      As one that has recently accepted the progressive dictate, I think it is evil that the tea baggers do not support tax increases. There is no way that lowering taxes, especially on small business, increases tax revenue. We have a myriad of unmet needs in Arlington and throughout the country for that matter that need additional revenue to sustain under the auspices of progressive social justice.

      Finally, thanks to the ACDC for sending me a welcome packet and some coupons to a local health store. And thanks to Walt Tejada for sending me some goat chops to grill.

    • Banksy

      I doubt that many Arlingtonians are actually defending these clowns. It’s just a quirk of this particular blog that it’s dominated by a few active conservatives.

      Sure, the Beckwads, Tea-tards, and gun nuts have a right to come to Socialist D.C., home of the Brown Muslin Prezdent, to protest — just as sane, non-racist folks have the right to make fun of them.

      • JR

        wow – somehow you were racist, offensive, and elitist all in just a couple sentences. as a black man- i’m truly offended by such statements.

    • BasedHerein

      @Silence nailed this one. There is no evidence that the Tea Party is racist, but calling a group racist is the quickest way to put the group on the defensive in this day and age, so that’s the tactic used in the comments here. It helps those high-minded commenters “reflexively demonize people who they disagree with.”

      Dismissing the group with crude names like “Beckwads,” “Tea-tards,” and “Teabaggers” falls along the same lines.

      Of course, ArlNow instigated it in another appeal to his readership’s lowest common denominator.

      Agree or not, at least do it intelligently, people.

      • JoshS

        Wrong. There is plenty of evidence that many of their members are racist. Search online and you will find many many pictures of the racist signs being held by these mouth-breathers. And their leader, Michele Bachmann – a racist wingnut of the first order.

        Are ALL of their members racist? Of course not, but there is a large element of racism within that group and to deny it is to thrust your head forcefully into the sand.

        • JR

          and you believe everything you see on the internet?? who’s the uneducated one in this group? i dare you to actually attend an event and try to find an actual racist sign. you won’t.

          • JoshS

            You’re a joke. It’s on the internet, the evening news, etc. But sure, believe it’s all a conspiracy… who’s the ignorant one again?

            And how about a defense of one of their leaders – Michele Bachmann? Have one? I didn’t think so. So go sit in the corner and let real people discuss.

          • JR

            tell the black man to sit in the corner while the adults discuss the issues of the day?? wow – now that is s racist comment. whatever. as for bachmann – 1) the tea parties are not a single party with a single leader. She is not the leader of the tea parties, nor does she claim to be the leader. in fact, she has recently claimed the exact opposite. 2) what specific racist thing has bachmann actually said… and entries from wikipedia don’t count.

            be an adult and stick to real facts and arguments, not racist sentiments.

          • HGTV
          • JR

            @HGTV – the question was racist signs… not just offensive signs. i saw lots of anti-obama, anti-socialism, anti-tax signs. i didn’t see any racist signs. but, of course, i figure you’ll just believe what you want to believe. you’re liberal, so you hate to see conservatives mobilize and protest… i get that. (i don’t agree with that… i believe all political speech is valuable and should be encouraged… but whatever.)

            i know racism first-hand… and those signs and all the tea party folks i’ve meet have demonstrated zero racism.

            there are clearly racist people in this world… and given what i’ve read on this blog… a lot of liberals are racist. i’m sure some tea party folks are also racist – but that’s not the movement nor my experience.

      • AllenB

        To JR – didn’t know what race you are. Who’s being racist now bringing that into it? Also, Michele Bachmann is the leader of the Tea Party Caucus in the House, so she’s definitely one of their leaders. I don’t need to research what is commonly known. That’s a red herring most of your ilk use to try to throw a discussion off track. She’s a racist nutbag. If you don’t believe what is widely reported, go refute it yourself. I don’t do research for you.

        • JR

          @AllenB – you don’t bother to do research because it would prove your ignorant ideas to be wrong. The Tea Party Caucus expressly says that it doesn’t speak for the movement. You resorting to personal attacks instead of offering any information clearly demonstrates your lack of information. and, no… conventional wisdom doesn’t say Bachmann is a “racist nutjob” — that’s your neighbors. however – given this conversation, i suspect she has a lot more minority friends than you do.

          in addition… to say that i’m racist because i simply state that i’m black is pretty offensive. you are simply degrading the meaning of racism. you clearly don’t understand what racism means – let alone actually experienced it. either way, you shouldn’t really use words you don’t understand.

          • AllenB

            JR, once again, you twist and turn the conversation to avoid the real points. I never knew your race. YOU brought up that someone told a black man to go sit in the corner and said that was racist. However, that was the first time, at least from my reading, that you disclosed your race. Therefore, that statement wasn’t racist since your race was still unknown. But way to toss out those red herrings.

            And yes, it is common knowledge that Michele Bachmann is a racist, ranting nutjob. So, I’ll repeat, you’d be best to sit down and shut up. You know nothing about the movement you are defending. They are a bunch of racist wingnuts. But in a way, I do love them. Just when it seems like the republicans were overtaking the dems, the republicans go and nominate a bunch of ultra right wingnuts. For example, Harry Reid was headed to defeat. Then your party nominates Sharon Angle. As a democrat, I thank you and your ilk for the gift that keeps on giving. Long live the teabaggers! 🙂 Sounds like you and them are a match made in heaven.

          • JR

            wow – not worth my effort… pathetic.

        • AllenB

          Good, finally found a way to make you go away. See ya, JR.

  • P O’Neil

    Hopefully, they stay the heck out of the Italian Store.

  • MC

    Send them to Ruby Tuesdays

  • Clarendude

    Will it be as exciting as the 1997 Promise Keepers rally ? I’ll be out of town so I hope someone is taking pictures. I expect The Highlander will be full up.

  • Suzanne

    Did anyone send the Maine dude a link to the Arlington rap?

  • Dave

    How unfortunate is it that when I read the headline I knew it was going to be a thread of people bashing tea partiers? I’d encourage those who think this rally is going to be racist to swing by on Saturday. You don’t need to hang out and listen to Glenn Beck speak (that may be asking too much!), but stroll on through and then do something else for the day downtown. You live right across the river so it’s not difficult. Yes, I’m sure you’ll see a few crazies, there’s some in every group (example), but don’t let them paint the whole picture. What you’ll really see is the overwhelming majority who are simply concerned with the direction the country is going and want their government to hear it.

    • Lily Hussein Pierre

      @Dave: It’s called Majority Rule. As hard as this concept might be for you to contemplate, in November 2008, the majority of us voters voted for Obama and the Democratic Party. Just because your Party didn’t win doesn’t mean you don’t have a say, nor does it mean that you don’t have a right to protest: you do. But what, exactly, are you protesting?

      • JR

        Obama might have won… but has a 43% approval rating. i think the majority of the country has something to protest. but to answer your question… the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party protests increased taxes and the expanded role of government.

        • AllenB

          And blacks, hispanics and gays with power. Oh no he didn’t!!!

          • JR

            now you are just flat out lying. but, i get it… you’re gay. that’s cool… me too.. but clearly we are on different planets.

          • AllenB

            Yeah, JR, you’re on the planet that thinks the TeaBaggers actually want black people within their midst.

          • JR

            which tea party guy turned you down for a date to make you so angry? get over yourself and move on.

          • RestonRunner86

            Oh you’re both gay? Really? Me too! Let’s all go tea-bagging together! 😀 Let’s show Glenn Beck the way we Northern Virginians rock ‘n roll with our pinkies out!

          • AllenB

            Wow, once again JR turns the conversation away from the topic at hand when he has no response. We’re discussing the Teabaggers and you want to make it about my love life. You’re nothing if not consistent… consistently pathetic.

          • RestonRunner86

            Meh. I was just trying to break the tension a bit myself. In Arlington y’all are too stressed out! Here in Reston we’re too busy eating at chain restaurants and driving our SUVs to give a flyin’ flapjack about some liberal quack or right-wing hack (said Sam I Am!) 😛

        • Lily Hussein Pierre

          @JR (AKA “Taxed Enough Already”) I don’t know about you, but we in the vast middle class got our taxes cut by the Obama administration. So tell me again what you are protesting?

          From: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2010/jan/28/barack-obama/tax-cut-95-percent-stimulus-made-it-so/

          Here, we wanted to check Obama’s statement that he cut taxes for 95 percent of working families. The key word in his statement is “working.” Obama’s claim is based on a tax cut intended to offset payroll taxes. Under the stimulus bill, single workers got $400, and working couples got $800. The Internal Revenue Service issued new guidelines to reduce withholdings for income tax, so many workers saw a small increase in their checks in April 2009.

          The tax cut was part of Obama’s campaign promises. During the campaign, Obama said he wanted $500 for each worker and $1,000 for working couples. Since the final number was a bit less than he promised, we rated his promise a Compromise on our Obameter, where we rate Obama’s campaign promises for fulfillment.

          • JR

            you should check your facts or your definitions. a one-time rebate is not a tax cut. lots of people who got a rebate don’t pay any federal income tax. and 60% of the people oppose the obama administration… it’s not just me.

        • Lily Hussein Pierre

          @JR (AKA “Taxed Enough Already”): And regarding your beef about “the expanded role of government,” I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s about damn time the government got its nose out of our bedrooms and stopped trying to tell women what they could or could not do with their bodies and who we can or cannot marry. With that you and I are 100% in agreement. So tell me again: what the heck are you protesting, anyway?

          • JR

            i think a majority are most concerned about being told by the federal government what kind of health insurance they have to have. oh – and they constantly expanding regulations that kill small businesses… but whatever.

      • Dave

        We’re protesting the massive involvement in the private sector, whether it’s bailing out banks who acted stupidly (yes, Bush did it first and we weren’t happy about that either), or buying car companies that should have gone under because they ran a bad business. There’s some that say the government should be bailing out everyone who’s under water on their mortgage. How insane is that? What about the people who didn’t buy a $500K house on $30K a year or who work 2 jobs to pay their mortgage? What do they get? Nothing. We’re also protesting the government’s intrusion into our personal lives by REQUIRING that we purchase a good/service. It’s not enough that we pay taxes to subsidize Congress’ salary while they work three days a week and spend half the year out of the office campaigning, now the government is requiring we buy stuff! We’re protesting remarks from Democrats such these: “For all this talk about rules…we make them up, as we go along.” (Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-FL), “Put the legislation together, to control the people.” (Rep. John Dingell, D-MI), “I do think at a certain point, you’ve made enough money.” (President Obama), “I don’t worry about the Constitution on this, to be honest.” (Rep. Phil Hare (D-IL), “What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages?” (John Conyers, D-MI).

        Personally, I really could care less if two guys or gals want to get married. I don’t think it devalues my heterosexual relationship at all if gay couples want to get hitched. I hope they have a happy life together. And I don’t care the the President is black, African-American, mixed race, or whatever you want to call him; and I don’t think most tea partiers do either. I hear liberals talk more about his race than I do conservatives.

  • Courthound

    They should keep out of Arlington – it’s as blue as teabaggers are white.

    Also, all traffic circles force you to the left.

    It must be terrible to live in such constant fear.

  • Bluemonter

    The tea party movement is a xenophobic movement. It exists because a bunch of angry people, who are mainly white and frusterated at there outlook with life, decided that the reason for there life looking so bleek is because of foriegn people, whom are mostly brown or hispanic.

    It is sad that the Americans have decided to excerpt/vent there frustrations in this manner. God forbid they (the tea partiers) try and further educate themselves or try to start a new business or try to contribute to society in a positive manner and not by picking on a group of people that already have no rights and are easy to pick on.

    Tea partiers are bully’s and bigots. History will remember them as such. You are on the wrong side of history…. They are afraid of the growing hispanic vote and are trying to keep the voting electorate white and conservative. These efforts will fail…

    • DC

      D for Grammar and spelling. Check this website: http://www.wisc-online.com/objects/ViewObject.aspx?ID=ESL1402

      D- for content. Get a grip

    • DC

      Also – Being on the “wrong side of history” may be difficult, but does it follow that it is wrong?

    • JR

      i hope you’re not saying you can’t be conservative and a minority… because that degrades the sacrifice and purpose of the civil rights movements. in addition – the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party movement is about taxation and overreach of the federal government… not immigration. there might be overlap of people who oppose taxes and supports rule of law, but that’s not the focus of the rallies.

  • V Dizzle

    This is a fun thread. Thanks! Personally, I think that aligning your beliefs in any one party is narrow and not for me, but demonstrating is definitely their right, even if it’s annoying to many of us. Oh, and hopefully I’m not self-hating for disliking white pizza.

  • Lily Hussein Pierre

    One Tea Party blogger in DC blogged about safe places to stay: “If on foot or in a cab or bus, stay in Bethesda, Arlington (preferably north Arlington), Crystal City, Falls Church, Annandale, or Alexandria, or in DC only in northwest DC west…” What’s so dangerous about South Arlington, I want to know…

    • BoredHouseWife
    • Neighbor

      The tea baggers are avoiding South Arlington? Is that a surprise to anyone? More delicious Ethiopian, Peruvian, and Thai for food for us. I’d estimate that south Arlington is probably the most ethnically diverse part of VA.

      • BoredHouseWife

        My neighborhood is like a mini-UN. Probably would do a better job at it as well:)

      • behold the awesomeness

        That is South Arlington. Not for the timid, shy, or conformist. Most definitely for the smart, savvy, and adventurous. Yet prudently safe. The new buzz-town, but too elusive for those uninformed. Where we rock; where we roll. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.

      • Pike Guy

        I’m overjoyed they’ve been instructed to stay away from South Arlington, where I own my home. I am staying away from DC to avoid these people, so I would rather not see them in my neighborhood. The last time I ventured out of my home during a teabagger rally, I saw confederate flags at Arlington National Cemetery and MANY signs rejoicing in the death of the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Too much class to handle in my neighborhood!!!

  • Spock

    Why not just send the racist dirtballs home? Really, Glenn Beck spitting on the grave of MLK?

    An BTW, T-Baggers are the rudest tourists ever. Last year they did acted like spoiled fat morons and insult the locals on the metro by complaining about everything and harassed people of color in the streets.

    Best thing to do is to keep your cell phones and camcorders ready to record the bad behavior of these idiots

    • Lola

      Right, because those who came for the G-8 or G-20 summits didn’t cause traffic jams and riots. I don’t recall the tea party people doing that. And, also, using the term “t-bagger” makes you look ignorant b/c you have to resort to ad hominem attacks instead of articulating your real problems with them.

  • dgiambarresi

    You forgot about Goodys right next to the Clarendon Metro. Not only do they have great pizza, but their Gyros are amazing right along with the rest of their menu. The owners are the nicest people in the world as well, which makes the experience that much better. It also helps that they are open as long as people are walking through the door on Fri and Sat ie don’t be surprised to see them there at 4am still serving up the goods (pun fully intended)!

  • people are stupid

    • RestonRunner86

      Sadly, Arlington is one of the nation’s most well-educated and literate communities, so if Arlington is “stupid”, then God help the rest of America!

  • MB

    I feel compelled to note an important omission in this post: Clarendon Ballroom. Pizza aside, there is no place in Arlington that says White! more than Clarendon Ballroom, and I can’t help but think that the Tea Partiers and Clarendon Ballroom regulars deserve each other.

  • Bluemonter

    The tea party is xenaphobic! If anyone comments otherwise you are wrong or you are just putting your head in the sand. Wake up and stop being the tool of these people that are so misguided. Do something for your country like revamping your work skills, starting a business or inventing something that helps humanity. Stop wasting your time hating..haters…

    • RestonRunner86

      I love how anyone who spoke out against President Bush’s disastrous policies was either “unpatriotic” or “anti-American”, but now it is completely acceptable to slam our current administration into the ground. Hypocrites, much? I’d also bet many in the Tea Party oppose the construction of the community center near Ground Zero but would be up in arms if a Muslim protested against the construction of a church near the site of an attack borne from Christian extremism.

      • Dave

        I’m with ya on “anti-American” hypocrisy. I point this out to my conservative friends who called anti-Bush protesters un-American and then get mad when Nancy Pelosi does the same thing when talking about tea partiers. They’re both wrong. America is about protest and as long as you’re not being violent or disruptive (ala G-8/G-20/World Bank protesters), people really shouldn’t have a problem with it. We’re not all going to agree on everything, so why get upset when it happens? What good does it do to hurl slurs at the other side? You don’t agree with the tea partiers? Fine, but you don’t need to use sexual slang to refer to them and call them blanket racist xenophobic homophobes. You know that’s not true, just like all liberals aren’t godless immoral America-haters.

  • RestonRunner86

    For what it’s worth I’m a militantly liberal Arlington wannabe who works for the Federal government and can’t afford Arlington, and even I am considering attending this weekend’s rally. I have an open mind. Many of my friends are sympathetic to the Tea Partiers, and I find that this might be a good way for me to learn more about what makes them tick (and what makes them so angry and anti-gay, for that matter). I think it’s interesting, though, that these people all sat by idly for eight years while the prior presidential administration ratcheted up debt and only now come out of the woodwork because a “Muslim” (yawn) mixed-race Commander in Chief was elected less than two years ago. I’ll be on my best behavior on Saturday, but the first Tea Partier who tells me I’m going to hell because I voted for Obama or because I’m a minority is going to get a good taste of a Reston knuckle-sandwich!


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