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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com August 23, 2010 at 8:36 am 1,683 6 Comments

Three-Year-Old Boy Drowns Near Chain Bridge — The Arlington County Fire Department pulled the lifeless body of a 3-year-old boy from the Potomac River yesterday afternoon. He was pronounced dead at Virginia Hospital Center. The boy had been picnicking with his family near Chain Bridge when he somehow ended up in the water. More from TBD/ABC 7.

Alaska Plane Crash Survivor from Arlington Back in Va. — Friends and family were on hand at Dulles Airport to welcome Arlington resident Jim Morhard back to Virginia. The 54-year-old lobbyist is still recovering from injuries he sustained in the plane crash that killed former Alaska senator Ted Stevens. More from WUSA 9.

Students Will Have Option to Transfer from Certain Elementary Schools — After their neighborhood elementary schools failed to meet federal No Child Left Behind standards for two years in a row, parents will have the option of sending their kids to nearby schools with a better track record. More from the Sun Gazette.

  • PJ

    Maybe the problem isn’t the schools — but the students.

    • Stacey

      What do you see as the problem with the students?

  • Shawn

    After going to a failing school for a parent orientation (translate: the school’s opportunity to sell itself to its community) and having the following things happen, I can’t blame the students only:

    1. A grade school kid spits on the floor in clear sight of us and the teacher with no ramifications.
    2. Principal does not even show up to talk to new parents.
    3. Assistant principal comes late with no excuse for her or the lack of principal involvement.
    4. First thing assistant principal says is “I am not going to waste your time. If you are here to get your sheet signed for a different school, just give it to me and we can go.”

    You tell me, does that sound like a place that cares about your kids? Test scores mean something, but if the environment was good and the staff cared, I would have very much supported the school. This is so sad, because it is two houses away from us and I was really hoping that they would show us how they were actively attempting to fix their known issues.

    btw, we sent a letter to the school and the superintendent about this incident with no response. Hmmmm.

    • Greg

      Which school, if you don’t mind mentioning it by name?

    • Hikin’ the Pike

      As a teacher in Arlington, I apologize for them. Even in “failing schools” there can be a sense of respect and pride.

      May I offer you another place to get some solace (as we want and NEED your support as a parent): Every Monday from 5 to 7 pm, one school board member sits in the school board office (1426 N Quncy, free parking) and anyone can talk to him/her about any issue. They all rotate through so if you were to go every week for 5 weeks, you would meet every member. No appointment is needed and except during budget season, it is quite slow. They will talk to you until the next person comes and everything that is discussed is shared the next day with every board member.

      Please Arlington your support; there are many things going right.

  • AR

    I though Arlington was not accepting federal money and therefore not participating in No Child Left Behind?


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