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New Name For Whitlow’s New Rooftop Deck

by ARLnow.com August 27, 2010 at 8:40 am 5,665 28 Comments

Whitlow’s plans to open its new rooftop deck at some point next month, but it will be opening with a different name than originally announced.

Instead of “Fu Bar” — a military reference that also hinted at an envisioned Asian influence — the deck above Whitlow’s on Wilson will now be called… drumroll, please… Wilson’s on Whitlow’s.

Get it?

A few ARLnow.com readers called the Fu Bar name “lame.” (We liked it, actually.) What does everybody think about “Wilson’s on Whitlow’s?”

Photo by Monika & Tim

  • KateKirk

    Nominally better than Fu Bar.

  • lame time

    it is too confusing to have two names. lame.

  • Thirsty

    Fu Bar. Wilson’s. The name doesn’t really matter. Everyone will just say “Let’s go to the roofdeck at Whitlow’s”.

    • AllenB


    • Steve


    • TGEoA

      Let’s go puke off the roof of Whitlow’s onto Wilson.

      • charlie

        Ha. But where will we park?? Glad I can walk and stumble home. generally.

      • Skeptical

        In that case, why not call it Ralph’s.

  • V Dizzle

    Why not NOT name it, or if you must, use the word “deck” or “rooftop” in the name. Something descriptive.

  • LP

    Definitely an improvement on “Fu Bar” but why not be A LITTLE (and I mean a little) bit creative and call it “Whitlow’s Above Wilson”?

    Provides a little separation from WoW and is factually accurate.

    • Neighbor

      I like the “above” name, although nobody is actually going to call it by anything other than “Whitlow’s”.

      • LP

        Completely agree.

        Although I think it’s silly to name a roof bar the same name as the bar, if you’re going to use the same name, there’s no reason to name the roof bar at all.

    • ArlFan

      That’s not bad.

  • TuesdaysChild


    • Kait

      Brilliant. Love it.

  • RestonRunner86

    Meh. I’ll just call it “Whitlow’s.” Any other place I’ve been to that has a rooftop deck has always been referenced by my friends as just the name of the establishment itself. If we’re texting to find one another we might say “I’m up on the deck at Whitlow’s.”

  • Jason DL

    If they were smart they would hold a naming contest to build buzz and engage the community. Clearly, they ain’t hitting the nail on the head. Next thing you know they will be calling it “Wilson’s Big Deck, on Whitlows”.

  • Yep, I Live in Arlington

    I don’t understand why they feel they need a different name. While I thought that Fu Bar was cute, I would still say, I’m going to Whitlows.

  • charlie

    i’m opting for the ARLNOW.comg Lounge at Whitlow’s…

    • Greg

      Whitlow’s has gotten enough pub out of this to justify it.

  • heather

    I kind of like Wilson’s on Deck…the other name is too wordy.

  • Kelly

    They should of just called it “WOW Bar” since WOW is the nickname for Whitlow’s. Fu Bar doesn’t fit the style of the bar (too Fu-Fu – sry!) and no one’s going to use Wilson on Whitlow’s – everyone will just say Whitlow’s roof top or deck.

  • MC

    I seriously don’t like the new sports team logos crudely painted on the windows of Whitlows.

    • DC

      Build a bridge and get over it MC. THis is DC and if you have a problem with support of anything local then deport yourself back to Pittsburg/Philly/Jersey[insert any tier 3 city].

  • Katie

    I think they should call it what I’m HOPING it is which is Mama Quan’s.

  • diane

    “The Roof” – seriously everyone is going to say, “I’m at Whitlows, on the roof”… “Okay, we’re going to whitlows??”, “Yep, meet us on the roof”.

    In other news… something much more significant has to be happening.

  • Darwin

    Wow it’s not often a business tries to name itself something with an explitive in the title!

  • TuesdaysChild

    Was at Whitlows on sunday. The sports logos in windows look cheap and are ugly.


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