Metrobus Service To Be Discussed At Public Meetings

by ARLnow.com August 30, 2010 at 9:04 am 2,661 8 Comments

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is planning a series of public meetings to discuss Metrobus service on certain routes. Two of the meetings will take place in Arlington.

One meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 21 at the Shirlington Library (4200 Campbell Ave). Another is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 23 at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association building (4301 Wilson Blvd). Each meeting will take place from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

At both meetings, service on the 23A, 23C, 25A, 25C and 25D routes (The McLean-Crystal City and the Ballston-Bradlee-Pentagon City lines) will be discussed. WMATA is reviewing the travel time and reliability of the routes.

Other meetings are planned for Oxon Hill, Northeast DC, and McLean.

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  • YTK

    GOOD — the 23 needs to run TWICE an hour on Sundays!!!

  • charlie

    i don’t need no stinkin meeting. the buses are not reliable. period.
    put bike racks on them; make online updates available; — and yet they still can’t get there on time. and then you can get two back to back. how stupid.


    I am so with you there Charlie! I chose to go without a car after a my car was totaled in an accident about 8 years ago and totally relied on Metro. at first it was good but it soon became more of a burden. I really tried hard not to buy another car but I gave up in less than two years because Metrobus was unreliable and requires far too much time in planning because you don’t want to be late for an appointment (if) the bus doesn’t show.

    I still do take Metrobus and I still have the same problem all these years later. I wonder if they’ll discuss other routes that have reliability issues. I’d love to know how its possible for the 16Y that begins just a mile from my stop and is supposed arrive at 7:25am to be late just about every day. And if its not late it shows up at the same time as the following bus or not at all.

  • charlie

    i use the 10, 38, 23, and 25 at different times. none are ever on time.

  • Lou

    The only time Metrobus is on schedule is when I get to the stop 2 minutes late. If I get there 3 minutes late, the bus is usually 25 minutes late.

    2A/B/C from Ballston Metro


    Everyone should be aware that Metro does not consider a bus late until it is 7 Big Fat minutes behind schedule. I’d be fine with 5 minutes but 7 just seems too long.

    • charlie

      and yet have you ever tried to get a Metro Bus to let you on if you are late? at the red light at Ballston Metro they can let you on. they won’t. you are late and will delay them while sitting at the light.

  • Use Nextbus. It rocks. Metrobus could certainly make it more user friendly though. I just learned by trial and error that you don’t have to speak into the phone. In fact it’s better to key in the bus route. Metrobus needs to crack down on the drivers that don’t turn on their transmitter. Fortunately, that seems to be getting better.


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