New Stickers on Farmer’s Market Parking Meters

by ARLnow.com August 31, 2010 at 11:31 am 1,747 11 Comments

Less than two weeks ago we warned you about the misleading parking meters in front of 1400 North Uhle Street, which seemed to suggest that you could park there on Saturday mornings. Which you can — until 5:00 a.m., when your car gets towed and you get fined (the result of parking restrictions for the Courthouse farmer’s market).

In any event, it seems that someone was listening. The meters have new stickers on them that indicate that parking is enforced Monday through Friday. The new stickers originally said there’s free parking on Saturday and Sunday, but the “SAT.” is crossed off.

Question: Is that enough? Or should there be a sticker on the meter itself indicating that parking is restricted and towing enforced on Saturday mornings (in addition to the “reserved for farmer’s market” signs on either side of the building)?

  • Sherra

    I agree that just crossing out the “Sat” is confusing; the sign should leave no lingering questions (such as “So…what do I do on Saturday?”). But I appreciate the quick response from the traffic enforcement folks. Hopefully new signs will be up soon when they get around to it.

  • Clay

    Note – there are signs at both ends of this row of spaces that state that parking is not allowed Sat. morning due to the farmer’s market, though I can see how someone could miss them. Marking the meters is an improvement.

  • V Dizzle

    I would assume that a citizen crossed it off for some reason, and probalby get towed. They really need a physical sign in my opinion, not a correction (though of course that’s a slight improvement).

  • Sophie

    Wait. What does ‘reserved for farmer’s market’ mean anyhow. so if i am going to the farmer’s market are those spaces ‘reserved’ for me?

  • Dave

    Come on folks, let’s not overthink this. Reserved for Farmers market mean the Farmers market is located there, or is reserved for vendors…to confuse that as a customer means you’d have to be there incredibly early.

    We’re in an urban area, and this location is a handful of spots bookended by signs. If you aren’t used to scanning for signs in Arlington, Alexandria, DC, Bethesda, etc. then you haven’t been parking in the area for very long…especially when parking overnight.

    • charlie

      spots that say they are “reserved for handicap” means for handicap customers. or in the neighborhoods the stupid zone parking system says it is Reserved for permit holders. i think the signs must say “reserved for farmers who bring things from far away and use up gas to provide fresh veggies to us.”

  • Bob

    Dave is right… I’m originally from NYC, where (I assumed like ANY urban area) you are a fool if you park & don’t check the entire block from end to end for signs that might restrict parking there… Don’t be a ninny and expect your nanny government to put signs at every single parking space everywhere detailing the exact specific restrictions for that particular space. Stop reading your damned iphone or crackberry and open your eyes!

  • Sherra

    Wow, folks are aggressive. This Was a really innocent topic.

  • Bob

    Aggressive? Perhaps just trying to suggest to some of the more insulated participants on this good site (shout out to ArlNow!) that life sometimes requires a little more self-responsibility & less whining about real and perceived “injustices”… like “poorly marked” parking meter signs(!) Complaints are never “innocent topic(s)” =)

  • Deb

    Clearly this is Chris Zimmerman’s fault.

  • JosephRicks

    “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” …. “with new signs!” …*DING*


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