Bear Rock Cafe Changing Ownership in Westlee

by ARLnow.com September 10, 2010 at 1:50 pm 4,356 9 Comments

The Bear Rock Cafe at Lee Highway and Westmoreland Street is closed indefinitely while the store undergoes a change of ownership, we’re told.

A sign on the door said the cafe is “closed for the day,” but a woman who came to the door to accept a delivery said she did not know when it would reopen. The store has been closed for at least two days.

Reviews on Yelp have been sharply critical of the previous owner. It’s not clear who the new owner is.

  • Food was pricey, but ok. Layout and service was weird.

  • This seems like very welcome news. Well aware of some of the things discussed in those yelp reviews.

  • HP2000

    The one in Shirlington isn’t much better.

    • Katie

      No, it’s not. What are you, BearRock–another Panera or Cosi? Or a full-service restaurant? Neither, it turns out.

  • charlie

    at one point both of these stores were owned by the same person.
    for those who care about a business lesson today —
    bear rock cafe makes it money by selling franchises to people. that’s it.

  • roemary

    Just at Shirlington Store had to leave, the smell of old grease was way to bad

  • Suburban Not Urban

    Another example of the failed development policies of the current county administration.

    • Frog

      How are they responsible for the crazy owners and crappy food? Have you read the Yelp reviews?

  • S

    Well, I hope it is for the better. I think the food is OK there and go periodically, but it could be better. Service is really slow (how long does it take to make a sandwich?!) and I have gotten my order wrong several times.

    I actually go to the Shirlington location more and that one could really use some changes. I noticed that the Shirlington location put a non-see through glass barrier up around the kitchen that used to be open to see in to. I am curious what that is about…are they doing something to the food they don’t want you to see?

    One complaint I have about both places is that they change things in a sandwich, but never change the menu listing to reflect what changed. I routinely order the turkey burger. The menu clearly states what comes on the sandwich, but for some bizarre reason they have started adding mustard and pickles to it, two things that are not listed on the menu. Several times I have had to ask for a new burger when I get it with these new items on it (until I remembered that it comes this way now). They always look at me funny like why didn’t I know this comes on it. Because it is not listed in the ingredients on the menu!!!!


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