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by ARLnow.com September 14, 2010 at 5:00 am 1,278 4 Comments

Examiner Keeps Blasting Arlington on HOT Lanes — Arlington’s million dollar HOT lane lawsuit continues to cause blood to boil at the Washington Examiner. This time, the Examiner hammers away at county board member Chris Zimmerman for his role on the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board. Zimmerman is up for reelection this year, of course. More from the Washington Examiner.

Courthouse Hookah Bar Could Open By This Weekend — It seems impossibly speedy, but TBD reports that Adam’s Corner, the new hookah bar being launched by the owner of nearby Chez Manelle restaurant, could open to the public by the end of this week. Adam’s Corner will serve light fare and drinks (a liquor license is in the works), and will allow hookah smoking on the wooden deck outside. More from TBD.

Flickr pool photo by BrianMKA


    Arlington County is fighting the HOT Lanes project because there is no widening going on. All they’re doing is stealing lanes from other places and you can bet that will have a negative impact on County residents.

    Furthermore I would think that the author of the Examiner editorial would think it necessary to mention that there is a specific reason why I-66 had not been widened. Maybe he/she should take a moment to read up on that.

  • LP

    Not quite the most authentic name for a Hookah bar, but the inside looks legit and I’ll never complain about having another option to smoke hookah.

  • John Fontaine

    Arlington is defending my right to breath clear air. I fully support the lawsuit. It is ridiculous that the state can just ignore environmental impacts for thousands of its citizens, just to let more commuters in. How about instead they expand VRE and put a universal toll on 395. Same things for i-66. I think the editor of the examiner should spend about an hour in their garage with the engine on and then report back how that goes.

  • Michael

    I didn’t notice the new hookah bar is in the Listrani’s space, nor that Listrani’s was closed. When did they close down?


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