Where’s Cava?

by ARLnow.com September 15, 2010 at 12:00 pm 1,670 3 Comments

We believe the space above, the one with the big “retail space for lease” sign, is where Cava’s new Clarendon location is supposed to be. Yet the gas-lit entrance, on the ground floor of the Station Square development at 2900 Clarendon Boulevard, remains boarded up and there are no building permits to be found in the county’s public records system.

“Is Cava Restaurant still planning to come to the Station Square development?” a tipster asks. Does anybody know?

  • LP

    I live in Station Square and there is a walkway that connects the two buildings which is where a lot of deliveries are made for the retail vendors. I’ve seen workers in the Cava space on and off for the past month or so as well as a number of commercial dishwashers and similar kitchen appliances in the space when the back entrance is left open.

    They’re coming – looks like they’re just taking there time.

  • MC

    I thought I saw the wood boards down a few weeks ago, and activity inside, only to see the boards back up again later.

    Hope they are coming — while I haven’t eaten there, Greek would be a nice option for the area.

  • Jim

    Why would they keep the For Lease sign-up if it has already been leased? Are they hedging their bets in case Cava backs out? As a (thankfully) former resident of that building, I’m glad that they finally have been able to fill out the last few remaining retail spots. They sat empty for far too long.


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