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by ARLnow.com September 30, 2010 at 7:54 am 2,298 11 Comments

Arlington Woman Hits Lotto — An Arlington woman who won $1 million playing the Mega Millions game is expected to pick up her prize today. So far, the new millionaire’s identity is unknown. More from WTOP.

Arlington Schools to Get iPads — Arlington school officials are using a state grant to buy about 70 iPads. Meant to increase participation in a state “Beyond Textbooks” program, the grant will provide iPads to a fourth-grade social studies class at Drew Elementary and two world history classes at Washington-Lee High School. More from the Washington Examiner.

League of Women Voters to Hold Referendum Discussion — In the wake of this year’s unsuccessful attempt to change Arlington’s form of government by referendum, the League of Women Voters is holding a panel discussion entitled “Citizens Making Change in Arlington: How Does the Referendum Process Work, and Does It Work Well?” The talk is taking place at the Arlington Career Center main hall (816 S. Walter Reed Drive) from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

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  • charlie

    did she buy the ticket in Arlington? Must know where so we can go use the lucky machine too!!

  • el fat kid

    ipads for the students? ridiculous.

    • david

      I’d like to know about this grant and if it specified how the money would be used. (1) This seems to be a use of technology for no other reason than to say it is being done and (2) I’m not sure why a 4th grader needs an ipad.

      • Frenchy B

        The Beyond Textbooks program is exploring the idea of using digital textbooks instead of printed ones, so the grant probably does specify that iPads would be purchased (it makes sense for all participants in the pilot program to use the same device).

        Here’s the press release from the Virginia Department of Education: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/news/news_releases/2010/sep28.shtml

        • david

          Interesting – thanks for the link.

        • el fat kid

          all a huge waste. all you need is a highly qualified teacher and a blackboard – the rest is up to the students.

          sure, have a computer lab for the kids w/o access at home but school systems (and the state too, apparently) have developed a completely skewed sense of priorities.

        • Jack

          true textbook readers would be one thing, but ipads are quite different. our school system doesn’t need ipads. kindles are 1/3 of the price – and as a textbook reader – i would think they are just as good. arlington schools just think expensive, not smart.

          • Captain Obvious

            Except that Kindles don’t display graphics and illustrations.

          • el fat kid

            and would require an imagination – which was proven unnecessary in public schools several years ago.

          • Jack

            @Captain Obvious – welcome to the year 2010… kindle has been able to display graphics for a 1 1/2 years now. it’s time for you to upgrade.

          • Frenchy B

            Well, it’s not just about replacing what old farts like me consider a textbook – it’s about enhancing the traditional printed book with related multimedia content – videos, illustrations, dynamic quizzes and exercises, online discussions, etc. To do this, you need more than a text reader.


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