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Buffalo Wild Wings May Open in December

by ARLnow.com October 22, 2010 at 9:44 am 3,198 19 Comments

The new Buffalo Wild Wings in Crystal City may open as soon as December, a source tells ARLnow.com.

The restaurant, which specializes in “wings, beer and sports,” is being built in an empty ground-level space near the corner of 23rd Street and Crystal Drive, across from Jaleo.

It will be the sixth “BW3” in the area, one of two that are near a Metro station (in addition to the Rockville location), and the closest to D.C. proper.

Should the restaurant not be able to open in December, we’re told the company will likely push the opening back to February.

  • Anton Noosbusch

    Hooray! Another soulless chain that will be right at home in Crystal City!

    • South Arlington

      I don’t really understand your ignorant statement. Crystal City and 23rd Drive are almost entirely non-chain restaurants in the sit-down category.

      • PikeHoo

        Agreed. Chili’s and Legal Sea Foods are the only two that come to mind in the 23rd street corridor. I wonder how BW3 will compete with the Crystal City Sport’s Pub?

        • SamsontheCat

          Well, there is the Chipotle, and the Corner Bakery, Cold Stone, the new Chic Filet. Just as long as they keep the chains away from 23rd street proper.

          Kind of torn on this opening. Like their wings and the trivia all the time thing, but hope it doesn’t hurt the CC Sports Pub or the T & H. Then again if it thins out the crowds and people can actually breathe in one of those bars at game time it might be good.

    • Eddie

      Soulless? Hey as long as they aren’t charging $11 for mixed drinks like Crystal City Sports Pub (a place i actually like, nonetheless), they are welcome to compete. That being said, their food is pretty crappy.

    • Suburban Not Urban


  • Jack

    this is the most exciting restaurant news all year… please let it be December!!

    • Widness

      just in time for super bowl/march madness.

  • Mark

    I talked to the construction workers back in august and they said it would be 12 weeks until it was ready to open, which would put it around the 2nd week of November. I am so excited about this.

  • MikeyinCrystalC

    So next to the Chipotle/Starbucks?

    • South Arlington

      Isn’t this going into the Mackeys/Charlie Chang’s strip on the corner?

      • DT

        Mackeys and CC aren’t going anywhere.

  • MikeyinCrystalC

    Oh, didn’t even think of that location. Right there on the corner.

  • ArlAaron

    I don’t know if this site has noted it yet, but there’s also a JimmyJohns going in to the middle of that block on the Crystal Drive side. Construction’s been underway for several weeks now.

    CCity just keeps on getting better.

  • a’town

    b-dubs and a Jimmy Johns?? Man South Arlington gets everything.

  • Alex

    Excellent! Hope it opens in December.

  • TGEoA

    CC, a souless food court

  • Sophie

    They were working on the patio rail this weekend. Hoping for a December open!


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