Arlington, VA

More Problems for Metro

Update at 9:10 a.m. — “Most” of Metro’s communications systems are back online, according to WMATA spokesperson Ron Holzer.

For the past two days, the SmarTrip sensors have been out of order at the Rosslyn Metro station, creating a chaotic scene during rush hour, according to TBD.

Now we’re hearing that Metro is having even more problems, this time system-wide.

According to WTOP’s Adam Tuss, Metro is experiencing problems with its communications systems this morning. Its web site is down, train arrival times aren’t showing up and the public address system is down, among other problems.

No word on when the systems will be back up.

Yesterday, a task force recommended that Metro shake up its “outdated” governance structure by, among other things, giving more power to the governors of Maryland and Virginia. By giving the governors more say over appointments to the Metro board, the influence of local elected officials could be reduced.

That recommendation was questioned by Rep. Jim Moran, who said the changes “could dilute representation of local jurisdictions on the panel.”

Arlington is represented on the Metro board by county board member Chris Zimmerman.


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