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by ARLnow.com November 19, 2010 at 8:02 am 1,682 6 Comments

Panel Discusses Energy Plan Options — The task force in charge of helping to craft a Community Energy Plan for Arlington met yesterday to discuss options for providing “district energy” in the county’s denser areas. District energy would centralize heating and cooling in an area, serving multiple buildings. One of the big questions posed to the task force by its energy consultant was whether the company that provides the district energy plant should be county-owned, a public-private partnership or privately-owned. More from TBD.

Gunston to Get New Field, But Board Cuts Canopies — On Tuesday, the board approved a $715,000 contract to replace the synthetic field turf at Gunston Middle School. But they stripped out $120,000 in funding that county staff had allocated for shade canopies over the bleachers. More from the Sun Gazette.

Hotel Protest in Crystal City Tomorrow — Workers are expected to picket in front of the Crystal City Sheraton tomorrow to protest supposed abuses of workers’ rights by the hotel’s parent company. The rally has the backing of local organized labor. More from dclabor.org

  • Jim

    The workers at the Sheraton should be ashamed of themselves. Their material states they are upset because hours were cut back and positions were eliminated during the economic crisis. Here is news for them – EVERYONE in EVERY industry knows someone who has lost a job, lost wages, or lost a position. They need to get with the times and realize that all businesses need to cut back, hotels included.

  • Ryan

    The Gunston field is perfectly fine how it is. I play on it every other week and love it.

  • Teyo

    How would billing work for “district energy”? My building doesn’t have individual apartment meters so everyone gets a share of the total bill, resulting in much higher than usual utility bills as everyone just leaves the heat/AC/lights on. With pooling several buildings worth of costs together, it seems like this problem would only get worse?

    • cj

      The energy source and the metering & billing are separate systems. Your building could have individual meters now if the management decided to take the trouble and upfront expense to install them. Similarly, district energy can work with a variety of metering and billing strategies.

      • Burger

        You miss Teyo’s basic point. If you tie together several buildings energy footprint particularly HVAC then someone is losing out based on several factors.

        1) not all buildings have the same level of insulation so those with better insulations would subsidize those with worse since everything is tied together.

        2) Some people have a higher tolerance for cold so they keep their heat low. Why should they subsidize someone with a lower one.

        3) If I was a building owner and a government owned entity wanted me to tie into a system that the run and oversee, I’d be very leary given the ability to insert politics into what should be basic economic and business decisions.

  • shirley

    problem with these “plants” is — where do we locate them? Do they count towards density, and if not, how do we figure their size?


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